[Mythtv-translators] Errors/warnings when running lupdate

Jonatan mythtv at comhem.se
Sun Aug 22 10:39:56 UTC 2010

On 2010-08-22 00:43, Roger Mårtensson wrote:
>   Robert McNamara skrev 2010-08-22 00:34:
>> 2010/8/21 Nicolas Riendeau <knight at teksavvy.com
>> <mailto:knight at teksavvy.com>>
>>     Hi!
>>     On 8/21/2010 6:00 PM, Roger Mårtensson wrote:
>>         Nicolas Riendeau skrev 2010-08-21 23:33:
>>             On 8/21/2010 4:47 PM, Roger Mårtensson wrote:
>>                 I thought I would take a stab at updating the swedish
>>                 translations
>>             Don't forget to check if there is already a maintainer (or
>>             a team of
>>             maintainers) for it though...
>>             (At first glance there doesn't seem to be...)
>>         Not that I can see either. Hope others that is doing swedish
>>         translations sees this and makes them heard so I don't
>>         duplicate effort.
>>     Oops, looks like I spoke too fast...
>>     There was at least one submission this year from somebody called
>>     Jonathan in this ticket:
>>     http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/8229
>>     Looks like his email address might be mythtv at comhem.se
>>     <mailto:mythtv at comhem.se> ...
>>     You might wish to contact him to join effort on that translation...
>> Yes, Jonatan is an active user who also submits good patches elsewhere
>> in Myth. I believe he is also subscribed to this list. Hopefully he
>> will speak up about any plans he might have for .24 translations.

Thanks for the compliments =)  I'll submit some more patches this week.

I just noticed that stuartm's changes in 
http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/25778#file1 are not properly 
handled by lupdate.  It seems that passing disambiguation = NULL to 
QObject::tr makes lupdate ignore the plural form.  Passing 
disambiguation = 0 or "" works as expected.  I've attached a patch if 
someone wants to try it.

I can create a ticket later if someone doesn't beat me to it, but now 
it's time to watch some beach volleyball.

> That name rings a bell. Remember now that I saw that ticket.
> Think I spoke to him on IRC too but we didn't exchange to many word. Now
> atleast he knows where to find me. =)

Yup, that was me (natanojl in IRC).  I was meaning to ask you for your 
email address, but now I've got it =)  I'll send you my patches later 
and then we can discuss how to divide the work between us.

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