[mythtv-theming] List of Themes: where is it downloaded from

Swanseasurfing swanseasurfing at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 08:33:54 UTC 2018

Yes, jims-code, that’s me ;-)

Josh accepted the first Pull Request I ever opened ;-)  The following 2
Pull Requests are still pending.

I do not expect to have enough time to care for a Theme as it might be
expected of a Theme Owner. But I would like to contribute to the
maintenance of the Readability Theme (which is not very much due to the
limited time). If it would help to to add me as a
committer/Readability-theme-team-member I would support the Theme
maintenance that way.

Thank you very much for the information! Since GutHub is new to me I am
happy to get some background information!

Kind Regards

Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> schrieb am Di. 16. Okt. 2018 um

> On 10/16/2018 10:40 AM, Swanseasurfing wrote:
> > The Pull Request is still open and has to be accepted - and you are
> > right, this can only be done by a MythTV Theming Group Member.
> >
> > btw: I‘m new to GitHub and still learning... ;-)
> While it could be done by some of the admins of the MythTV-Themes GitHub
> group, each theme is maintained by the theme creator and/or anyone they
> have designated as having commit privileges for their particular theme.
> The project admins generally don't touch the individual
> themes/theme-code, we just help maintain the permissions/teams for the
> theme repos.
> The Readability theme is owned by noisymime (Josh Stewart ,
> https://lists.gt.net/engine?user=14997;list=mythtv ), and he hasn't
> designated anyone else as a committer.  He also doesn't seem to have
> been active on the MythTV mailing lists for quite some time (though I
> could be mistaken), and he may well be active on the forums or IRC or
> something.
> Feel free to contact Josh (see the address at the link I sent) and see
> if he can make the changes for you/accept your pull request, and/or if
> he'd like to add you as a committer/Readability-theme-team-member (and
> if he doesn't know how, I can make those changes for him) or, for that
> matter, if he'd like to just pass off ownership of the theme to you, we
> can make that happen. If all else fails and you'd like to fork the theme
> and become a new theme owner, we can make that happen, too.  :)
> Then again, are you, by any chance, the "jims-code" on github whose pull
> request Josh committed 12 days ago?  If so, it seems you guys have
> things under control, already.  If that's the case, then feel free to
> ignore me. :)
> Mike
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