[mythtv-theming] Problems with the channelrecpriority window in schedule-ui.xml.

Harley Peters harley at thepetersclan.com
Mon Aug 26 18:49:46 UTC 2013

I have noticed that the default theme use's the channum field in the 
channels buttonlist (line number 575) to display the channel number and 
the wiki says to use the field name chanstr however neither of these work.
I have found that channelnumber does work. Is this the correct way to 
display the channel number?

Also the icon field under the same buttonlist fails to be displayed with 
errors like the following in the log.

2013-08-26 13:18:59.192563 E  MythUIHelper: 
LoadScaleImage(usa_network.jpg) Unable to find image file
2013-08-26 13:18:59.194021 E  MythUIHelper: LoadScaleImage(bravo_us.jpg) 
Unable to find image file

I have found that if I specify the exact path to the icon by editing the 
channel via mythtv-setup it than shows up but than it won't work 
everywhere else in MythTV as normaly you only specify the name of the 
icon with out the path.
Is this a bug?


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