[mythtv-theming] using nodetype outside a buttonlist

Joey Morris rjmorris.list at zoho.com
Fri Aug 16 03:19:56 UTC 2013

Joey Morris <rjmorris.list at zoho.com> wrote on Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 12:25:44PM -0400:
> Ultimately, what I'm trying to do is display different information in
> an area outside the buttonlist depending on whether the selected item
> is a folder or a video. For example, I want to display the director
> and cast list for a video, but I want to display the number of child
> items for a subfolder. As a workaround, I've tried setting
> dependencies on widgets that are guaranteed to be present for videos
> and absent for subfolders (or vice versa), but I haven't had any luck
> with that approach.
> Does anyone have thoughts on whether I'm doing something wrong or if
> this is a bug? Are there better workarounds than what I tried?

Here are a couple of screenshots illustrating what I'm trying to


The first one shows what my video library screen looks like when a
video is selected. As you can see, the buttontree is on the right, and
the left is filled with the video metadata.

The second one shows what it looks like when a folder is selected.
Most of the left side is blank, because the video metadata isn't
defined for folders. Instead of all that blank space, though, I'd like
to have a childcount textarea to display the number of items in the
folder and then fill the remaining space with a large coverart image
(replacing the episode screenshot).

Any suggestions for how to do this? Is it even possible? If not, I
don't want to spend any more time messing with it. Instead I'll try to
redesign the page to work within Myth's capabilities.

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