[mythtv-theming] Advanced Theming Ideas

Jay Merrifield fracmak at gmail.com
Fri May 4 20:41:23 UTC 2012

Hey, so I was taking a look at one of the older themes in an attempt to
modernize it for 0.25 and it got me thinking about different ways I could
do some cool stuff with MythTV. Part of me thinks I need some help from the
development team to really do what I want. But before I go bugging them, I
figured I'd ask here first to make certain I'm not missing anything.

I thought it might be fun and cool to expose more core functionality as
widgets. I personally don't like how I have to navigate around to so many
different menus and screens to get some basic information on what's
currently happening on my mythtv. I usually just bring up mythweb since
it's easier/faster to flip around that information

   - *Upcoming Recordings Widget* - Imagine you go to the main menu of your
   theme, and it shows you what the next couple of recordings are, and if
   there's any conflicts, you would see that immediately and be able to
   highlight the problem and bring up the recording editor to fix it.
   - *Latest Recordings Widget* - This is inspired by XMBC, where they have
   a way to show the latest 5 shows that have been loaded/grabbed by the
   - *News/Weather Widget* - This is inspired by XMBC, where they have an
   rss scroller and a weather widget that always shows you basic information
   on the home screen
   - *What's playing now? *Expanding the guide grid so you can show a
   preview of your favorite channels and what's playing right now. This
   preview would automatically shift as time went by so it would always show
   what's playing right now +Z hours. This guide grid could be used to either
   mark a show to be recorded, or triggering the live tv to open up and
   immediately change to that channel. Like the current guide grid, it would
   show what shows were being recorded, or any conflicts

Thoughts? Comments?

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