[mythtv-theming] Project Web Sites

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jun 15 07:47:33 UTC 2012

You may have noticed on the MythTV-Themes organization web site that the 
A-Forest and Willi themes have a link to a project home page ( 
http://mythtv-themes.github.com/A-Forest/ and 
http://mythtv-themes.github.com/Willi/ ).  If you would like to create a 
web site for your project on github, you may do so by going to your 
github Project Page and clicking on "Admin", then "Automatic Page 
Generator," create a page, apply a style, publish, and the web site 
should show up within a few minutes.

This process creates a new branch in your repo called gh-pages, which 
contains the website.  Note that the page generator seems to rip out and 
replace any existing gh-pages branch--which can mess up any existing 
clones of your repo if you already had a gh-pages branch***--so I 
recommend using it only once (first time won't cause any problems at 
all).  After that, simply edit the web site by switching to your 
gh-pages branch:

git checkout gh-pages

and editing the HTML/CSS/JavaScript as desired.  Or, you can manually 
create a(n empty) gh-pages branch and add in the HTML, etc. you want 
(with as many pages as you like).  (Note that the Automatic Page 
Generator isn't available for Organization web sites, which is why the 
MythTV-Themes site is so bad--because I had to start from a blank page. :)


*** And if you end up re-using the page generator--to apply a different 
style or something--and making a mess of existing repos with works in 
progress, feel free to ask for help retrieving your un-pushed changes, 
and we can help you salvage your changes.

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