[mythtv-theming] Theme downloader site updated for trunk/master.

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Dec 20 17:25:32 UTC 2010

* On Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 10:05:25AM +0100, Elkin Fricke wrote:
> Willi: http://elkin.de/mythtv/2010.12.17-Willi.tar.lzma2
> BandO: http://elkin.de/mythtv/2010.11.20-bando-blue.tar.lzma2
> blootube-ng: http://elkin.de/mythtv/2010.11.13-blootube-ng.tar.lzma

Willi was the only one I had to update.  I've uploaded it to the site, but
it won't be available until OSUOSL does their nightly rsync.  I am looking
at a way around this, but it won't get into git until I push the other
changes to notify the user when a theme has been updated.
> do you need them to be bz2 or zip or are they OK like this? I use the date
> of the release in the filename or do you need a "latest.tar.lzma2" file
> format for your script?

Your formats are OK.  I made my script handle all of these when I packaged
your earlier versions.  For each downloadable tarball/zip that I have listed,
I have a flag indicating what type of file is being downloaded, so the script
knows how to extract the contents.


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