[mythtv-theming] Blue Abstract modifications

Robert Siebert trebor_s at web.de
Sat Dec 11 19:59:17 UTC 2010

On Thu, 9 Dec 2010 22:02:55 +0200, Per Lundberg wrote: 

> On Thu,
Dec 9, 2010 at 9:43 PM, Robert McNamara
> wrote:
>>> As far as I
know, there isn't any "official" license for the Blue
>>> Abstract theme
(Please, correct me if I'm wrong). This means a couple
>>> of things:
Blue Abstract is derived from a GPLv2 work.
> OK, thanks for the
clarification. This means that it (Blue Abstract)
> is also GPLv2, even
though it isn't explicitly stated - which is good,
> a step in the right
> It seems like Robert Siebert hosts the miroku.no-ip.com
from which the
> theme can be downloaded. Robert, do you copy? Could you
include a
> notice in further updates of the theme indicating more
clearly that it
> is released as free software under the GPLv2, just so
it gets more
> obvious?
> Also, feel free to include my patches
(previously posted to this ML)
> if you like. There are other related
patches that should be done to
> make the theme (IMO) more useful; like
the OSD that gets displayed
> when you switch to a channel, the room for
the callsign there is far
> too small for my needs. Still, my patch is
still an improvement to the
> original version.
> -- 
> Best regards,
Per Lundberg
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Hi Per,

I just have read you mail with the patches. I definately look into
those and see what I can incorporate. I also add the information to the
wiki site and to the theme that it is released under GPL2. 


Robert Siebert 


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