[mythtv-theming] Blue Abstract modifications

Per Lundberg perlun at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 20:18:01 UTC 2010

Hi guys (& girls),

I've done some slight modifications to the Blue Abstract theme, which
I really like (and personally would prefer to have as the default
theme in MythTV, but this is a slightly different story for now...).

The modifications are mostly related to the spacing allowed for
channel number & callsign. The reason for this is that the default
space in the theme is far too limited for the channels on my orbital
positions (DVB-S using 0.8W and 4.8E or something like that). Channels
like "Gospel Channel Europ", "BBC World News" and "Visjon Norge" just
won't make the cut with the default spacing, and the default
(provided) channel numbers are pretty high as well, in the 4000 range.

So, here you go. This patch is made, as the name implies, towards the
2010.11.25 release of the theme. Hopefully, I would like these changes
to be merged upstream - Robert, what do you think about this? For now,
I'll just make them publicly available like this; use patch -p0 <
name-of-the-diff-file to apply it (but make sure you have a backup of
the theme first, in case you want to undo the changes).

Best regards,
Per Lundberg
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