[mythtv-theming] Mythvideo gallery view

Damian O'Sullivan shabba at skynet.ie
Mon Jul 6 19:42:02 UTC 2009

On Mon, 6 Jul 2009, Robert McNamara wrote:

> Whether it's supposed to be the case or not, it is definitely a
> "known."  :)  Probably shouldn't be, though.

"known" ? :-) I suppose no ticket then?

> The "?" is actually an image, it's there because the State->buttonitem
> image uses it.  Works great for a video with no image, not so well for
> the upfolder state.  I worked around this by replacing the default
> buttonimage with a nice linear gradient.  Attractive, and no ugly ?.

I am curious as to why the .. does not use the folder.(jpg|gig|png) image 
like a regular dir? This would work fine as all my dirs have images.

> So, the long and short of it is you can remove that image by changing
> the default filename for buttonimage to a null, or any other image you
> like.  Better to leave it *some* image, though, so that there is a
> placeholder when there's no cover art.

Does the default image have that green arrow ? I would have though that 
was only for backup type button?

>> Pic @ http://skynet.ie/~shabba/mythvideo.png
> Looking good.

Meeds your patches to be submitted :-). I don't wanna upgrade DB unless 
its official as it is my production box.

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