[mythtv-theming] Future of UIBlackHoleType in 0.22

George Galt george.galt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 15:06:17 UTC 2009


I originally posted to the dev list, but it was suggested that this
question might be better answered here.

Having looked through the plugins and libmythui files in 0.22 so that
I can start on porting a plugin, I've noticed an issue I'd like a
little guidance on.  I need to draw an animated image onto a specified
area of the screen.  Looking at UIImageType, it seems that using
SetImage( QImage * ) is being deprecated (I'm not exactly sure why,
but that's beside the point).  This leaves me with using
UIBlackHoleType, which appears to only be used by Mythmusic to draw
the visualization -- it even states in the libmythui files that this
is the only reason it is being preserved.

My question is twofold.  First, is there a way to draw a QPixmap or
QImage directly to a UIImageType without first writing to a local
file, and, second, if not, what is the future of UIBlackHoleType?
Alternatively, if someone has another suggestion for drawing an image
directly to a section of a theme, I'd appreciate it.


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