[mythtv-firehose] mythtv annotated tag v0.27.5 created by stuarta. v0.27.5

Git Repo Owner noreply at mythtv.org
Tue Jun 16 16:03:45 UTC 2015

The annotated tag, v0.27.5 has been created on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user stuarta.
        at  8ae19ae052ff14e588d4c65f5f439b75dbcde7b0 (tag)
   tagging  ad97d2435230a5a47837af4a504e6bc9ddd11c9f (commit)
  replaces  v0.27.4
 tagged by  Stuart Auchterlonie
        on  Tue Jun 16 17:03:41 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.27.5

Bill Meek (2):
      mythfilldatabase: remove Schedules Direct userid from temporary file names
      Prevent --syslog, --logpath and --enable-dblog if --nologserver is used

David Engel (2):
      Properly identify channel-specific rules in Recording Rules.
      Fix missed cases in earlier channel-specific rules change.

David Matthews (1):
      Apply UK EIT fix-up on additional transports.

Gary Buhrmaster (3):
      DataDirectProcessor: Add logging when file opens fail
      DataDirectProcessor: Use random temporary filenames for downloads
      Support gcc 5.x in configure

Jim Stichnoth (10):
      Subtitles: Avoid changing subtitle state in the decoder thread.
      Subtitles: Fix automatic display of captions/subtitles.
      Network control: Handle "space" key properly.
      Subtitles: Don't reset subtitle state after seeking.
      Send REC_STARTED_WRITING event for NuppelVideoRecorder.
      Subtitles: Allow transitions between ATSC and SCTE captions.
      Subtitles: Fix state calculation in EnableCaptions/DisableCaptions.
      Subtitles: Yet another state calculation fix.
      Reduce "Watch Recordings" sluggishness by caching jobqueue state.
      Subtitles: Fix cc608 preamble indents.  Fixes #12051.

Jonatan Lindblad (3):
      Fix using ##x## for season and episode in templated text
      Video output: Add default fragment shader for OpenGL 2
      Video output: Fix OpenGL 1 output after b9971146

Karl Dietz (7):
      Properly translate star ratings in XMLTV parser.
      fix braino in c12af87
      Don't use the CRIDs from the authority eventis.nl
      draft patch to add support for private data specifiers and upc private data
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'alewando/mythlink-metadata' into HEAD
      fix typo intetref -> inetref
      add defragmentation of the recordedseek table to maintenance

Paul Harrison (9):
      Bump the ABI version after [6b3984106b]
      mythfilldatabase: remove the redundant assign to userid
      Revert "Prevent --syslog, --logpath and --enable-dblog if --nologserver is used"
      MythDownloadManager: unlock m_infoLock before continuing after an error condition
      MythUIImage: extend the random image feature to reload if a delay is used
      UI: Optimize updates to MythUIButtonList when an item's state changes
      MythDownloadManager: add some logging to try to track down the 100% cpu bug
      MythDownloadManager: put the lock around m_downloadInfos when removing a url
      MythDownloadManager: fix a bug when downloading URL's with percent encoding

Rebecca Sutton Koeser (1):
      Python bindings: fix typo in MythXML getPreviewImage()

Richard Hulme (6):
      Make PID filtering work properly by removing the streams and not just the entries from the PAT.
      Added missing support for JUMPTODVDCHAPTERMENU and JUMPTODVDTITLEMENU actions.
      Don't show the miniplayer in MythMusic when starting the next track if we're not playing any more.
      Spawn MythFrontend from a separate thread in MythWelcome to avoid multiple key events being queued and restarting MythFrontend as soon as it exits.
      Make MythWelcome spawn MythFrontend in the UI thread again due to problems with LIRC but allow events to be processed.  This prevents extra key presses being queued and allows them to be ignored until MythFrontend has returned.
      Make sure the PCR PID is not discarded if it is not listed in the PMT (i.e. the PCR PID contains only PCR packets).

Stuart Auchterlonie (8):
      Add missing QObject include. Should resolve Qt5 build error
      Enable pic by default on linux systems.
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into fixes/0.27
      Fixes #12221. When setting a dvb_tuning_delay, save the value the user enters
      Add 29.5Msys/s to the preset list of possible symbol rates. Found on several dvb-s2 multiplexes across Europe
      Try to use qmake-qt4 in preference to qmake-qt5
      Refs #12416. Changeset 1b99b21615 broke symbol hiding on debian based systems
      Setting VERSION to v0.27.5

Stuart Morgan (14):
      Security: Disallow SSDP device discovery from non-local addresses.
      Add a setting to control MHEG interaction channel, patch by Lawrence Rust
      Add support for explicitly recognising QAM-256 with DVB-T2. This _may_ help with scanning on devices that don't support 'auto' modulation detection.
      SSDP: Check that the peer address is available before doing the local network check.
      SSDP: Disable reflection attack mitigation for now, it's triggering false positives.
      SSDP: Missed changes when reverting [52cb0b5]
      Null pointer check in MainServer::customEvent.
      Icon Downloader: Fix improper escaping of search string that broke proper matching and sorting with some searches
      Fix mythtranscode segfault
      Add 23Msys/s to the preset list of possible symbol rates. This one is used for several DVB-S2 multiplexes in the UK.
      Revert "Fix metadata fanart selection."
      Don't try to listen on addresses which are no longer available.
      Fix a segfault in the EIT cache
      Fix PCR packets being stripped from transport stream following [0f0e6787]

Warren Falk (1):
      fix SSDP thread using 100% CPU on zero byte datagrams

Yianni Vidalis (1):
      New virtual Greek keyboard from Yianni Vidalis

faginbagin (1):
      DTVRecorder: Fix 32 to 64 bit integer arithmetic in FindPSKeyFrames()

lomion (1):
      New locle file for Austria from lomion at aon.at



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