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Mon May 26 14:45:23 UTC 2014

The annotated tag, v0.27.1 has been updated on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user stuartm.
        to  8a218f72ca821a3dfbf264db06a436b8090a6f3d (tag)
      from  b2613c0510d24d11ce5bcbd64d07f759a09fe828 (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  ecfefabd22e93c33773e79108d5b2fecf0790c53 (commit)
  replaces  v0.27
 tagged by  Stuart Morgan
        on  Mon May 26 15:45:20 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.27.1

Amar Takhar (2):
      Correct mispelling in cache_file.py
      Fixes for FreeBSD 10.0 + clang

Andreas Mayer (1):
      MythMusic: fix mixed up smart playlist "starts with" and "ends with" criteria

Angela Schmid (1):
      Always show programs that are still recording in ViewScheduled.

Bradley Baetz (1):
      Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE.

Cédric Schieli (4):
      Protect pbs with proper (aka locked) refcounting.
      Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE.
      VAAPI: Don't try to crop frames, they have no real buffer attached.
      Force refresh of xf86VidMode current modeline

Dave Badia (1):
      Trigger system events when devices connect and disconnect to AirPlay and AirTunes

David Engel (8):
      Change RI::ForgetHistory() to use dupmethod when available.
      Fix startts copy & paste error in previous ForgetHistory() change.
      Always use current time when entering EPG from live TV.
      Limit scheduler sleeping when master backend shutdown is enabled.
      Update record.last_record/deleted to UTC.
      Apply preroll on virtual tuners when the same multiplex is in use.
      Set the signal monitor deadline based on the recording end time.
      Revert efea2ba1, signal monitor deadline tweak, if favor of a better,

Fabian Möller (1):
      Add support for the new tv api

Frank Phillips (1):
      Keep some recordings from getting a LiveTV recgroup

Gary Buhrmaster (1):
      Resolve X11/Xlib.h define of Bool and Qt5 (5.2)

George Nassas (1):
      protect metadata loads from multiple threads

Jean-Yves Avenard (116):
      Remove unnecessary command option, all we are doing is adding —nologserver twice
      Revert "Properly propagate quiet log option"
      Do not display background shape in fullscreen notification if there’s nothing in it
      Improve AirPlay device visibility in iOS 7
      decode URL before attempting to open them.
      Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read()
      Have backend advertise which files are currently being written to
      Prevent playback to exit early should backend's writes be delayed
      Fix typo
      Allow seeking within the entire liveTV chain of recordings.
      Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks
      Revert "Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks"
      Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks
      Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read()
      Have backend advertise which files are currently being written to
      Prevent playback to exit early should backend's writes be delayed
      Fix typo
      Allow seeking within the entire liveTV chain of recordings.
      Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks
      Bump API binary number following round of changes in ringbuffers
      Change verbosity for some network messages
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
      Small optimisation of FileRingBuffer::GetRealFileSize
      Fix seek when close to end of program
      Do not abort early if not all data is received within 25ms
      Fix seek when close to end of program #2
      Fix calculation of read block size.
      Only expire LiveTV programs that are less than 30s and more than 5 minutes old
      Add RemoteFile::GetRealFileSize()
      Cache the size of the remote file for 500ms
      Partial revert of c64141b0c0b7118ee28be2441374727a1af7c44c
      Set initial FileRingBuffer rawbitrate to 800
      Return the actual file size rather than the one when the file was first opened
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/027candidates
      Advertise RAOP service before AirPlay service.
      Add BonjourRegister::ReAnnounceService()
      Bump API version following 00739e7019e4a14b320022279595da1bc214f4c2
      Fix AirPlay occasionally only showing as an audio device on iOS 7.x
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
      Make AirPlay photo sharing works with iOS 7.1
      No need to add randomisation to bonjour first registration
      Improve AirPlay photosharing
      Make AirPlay photo sharing works with iOS 7.1
      No need to add randomisation to bonjour first registration
      Improve AirPlay photosharing
      Fix settings display on macs
      Fix settings display on macs
      Bump API version
      Fix AppleRemote thread not being killed when exiting the application
      Make python bindings work on mac
      Fix MythVideo general settings page not working
      Revert "Bump API version"
      Revert "Fix settings display on macs"
      Fix settings display on macs
      Fix old Qt setting screens preventing them from accepting keyboard inputs
      Revert "Fix settings display on macs"
      My analysis for the problem in 96ecd539de8e76a880f0013b4b8854da216e17b1 was wrong.
      Fix linking issues.
      Fixes Video Playback Profile Editor.
      Should first Apple Remote listening fail, don’t attempt to use apple remote.
      Fix crashes when pressing menu key during channel change
      Fix crashes when pressing menu key during channel change
      Add ReadInternalMode to RingBuffer class
      Try to open the media for 1.5s, using only the internal data in ringbuffer.
      Revert "Fix settings display on macs"
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
      Bump API following 4ff7c1fca6999976a16fb14fada66c55c24f514f
      Fix null dereference
      Revert "Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE."
      Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE.
      Revert "Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE."
      Allows RemoteFile to recover from connection drop or timeout
      Reset failures count once a read succeed
      Don’t prevent read should we reached EOF or an error
      Fix stuttery playback for FFmpeg's directly rendered frames
      Fix playback of 9/10bit h264 videos
      Fixes #12128
      Migrate vdpau decoding to FFmpeg's new hwaccel API.
      Update to FFmpeg 1.2.6 release
      Bump API to 0.27.20140503-1
      Use QEventLoop for modal windows.
      Have RemoteFile attempt to fully reconnect in case of errors
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
      Rework IPTV and RTSP recorders
      Fix compilation error
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into devel/027candidates
      Prevent harmless warnings when using VDPAU with Nouveau driver.
      Extend the time-outs in mythplayer to allow the analog side of the hvr-2250
      Fix 5.1 audio being configured as 7.1
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.27' into devel/027candidates
      Only use GET_PARAMETER command as KeepAlive if server supports it
      Fix RemoteFile::GetRealFileSize() caching.
      Cache for 500ms the result of RemoteEncoder::GetFramesWritten()
      Update doxygen documentation for RingBuffer::Create
      Allow playing url of type udp://, tcp:// and rtp://
      Bump API version
      Reset frames/duration maps when changing file, or when initialising the position map.
      Improve FastForward and Rewind
      Re-enable old FFmpeg's VDPAU API for non-nvidia drivers
      Don't attempt to test for GPU decoding methods once one has ben found
      Update ABI version
      Add method to check if VPDAU is supported
      Fix VDPAU being always used when present even if not working (test was always true)
      Fix memory leak
      Revert "Fix memory leak"
      Fix memory leak
      zeromq configure also requires autoreconf
      Setting VERSION to v0.27.1
      Add Always On Top window settings
      Fixes wrong mapping of picture controls on OSD"
      Fix fullscreen windowing with Compiz/Unity
      Fix NUV playback
      Change VideoFrame default value
      Revert "Fix NUV playback"
      Wait shortly for QApplication to register the screen change before continuing.

Jim Stichnoth (25):
      Clear duration and framecount flags with mythutil --clearseektable.
      Fix an apparent copy&paste error.  Refs #11885
      Provide better seeking and position display for some videos.
      Bump the ABI version after 990757a.  Refs #11415.
      Add missing toUTC() conversions in the preview generator.
      Mythutil: Allow --video instead of --chanid/--starttime.
      Add mythutil --getmarkup and mythutil --setmarkup commands.
      Update binary version after [aaa418e].
      Fix some cc608 field number handling.  Refs #11899.
      Use Live TV order for the card list.
      Allow Live TV to be entered from the top-level Program Guide.
      Revert "Allow Live TV to be entered from the top-level Program Guide."
      Revert "Use Live TV order for the card list."
      Use Live TV order for the card list.
      Bump ABI version after 9ecf7a69ffc00d3f03dbb4c7a611a02d1f19f702.
      Improve the performance of Live TV embedded in the Program Guide.
      Update ABI version after 1b16c65f465588a8991b730fb23ef0d1c61ed181.
      Mythtranscode: Don't overwrite cutlist from the command line.
      Fix reversed logic in dfe5396.  Refs #11939.
      Respect LiveTVOrder priority when switching sources.
      Handle system keypress events during playback.  Refs #11881.
      Fix compiler warnings spotted by Jonatan Lindblad.
      Reduce logging level for GetKeyframePositions and GetKeyframeDurations.
      Be less aggressive about clearing the bookmark on exit.
      Update binary version after 525ac31dd2215e5ce46fc3b70f7ba883d99b736a.

John (1):
      Don't unecessarily query the backend if we don't need it

John Finlay (1):
      Fix lossless transcode.

John Poet (33):
      Any V4L card may need to preset the tuner.
      H264Parser: Only enter the "state changed" state if we have seen a SPS.
      Don't timeout the signalmonitor until all hope is lost.
      Re-enable display of tuning status in LiveTV after [9b22460f5]
      Following [080ef223c] don't segfault if curRecording is NULL.
      Cleanup and simplify the HLS Recorder.
      MythDownloadManager has a memory leak, which can be terminal when used by
      The classes defined in httplivestreambuffer.cpp were originally designed for
      Add missing 'class' to friend declaration.
      Quiet some HLS logging
      On some systems, usleep will fail with a value greater than 1000000-1.  Fix
      Improve logging of playlist downloads
      HLS: Reopen top level url, if playlist appears to be invalid.
      In [50e5f4501] I failed to account for a possible path through
      Some HLS tweaks to make recording more robust when faced with unreliable
      H264Parser::decode_Header: pic_order_present_flag is not required, so don't
      DTVRecorder::FindH264Keyframes: Only account for Adaptation Field Control
      Revert 7abf18a16
      notifications might only have an image without a 'message'.
      MythUI:  Include "minimum" size of a buttonlist, when determining the
      Create an 'active' filters buttonlist which can be used for informational
      Honor the disabled state in buttonlist items.
      Hopefully silence a cppcheck warning -- initialize SPS_offset var.
      Don't hide IPTVStreamHandler::m_tuning in HLSStreamHandler.
      rename HLSStreamHandler::m_buffer to m_readbuffer to unhide IPTVStreamHandler_m_buffer.
      Add a RawTextSubs constructor to silence a cppcheck warning.
      Make sure H264Parser is not invoked with a copy constructor.  Found by cppcheck.
      Add some (undefined) copy constructors for CC608Decoder, DecoderBase,
      Since we are not allowing MythPlayer to be constructed with a copy
      Since we are not allowing MythPlayer to be constructed with a copy
      Fix whitespace from [1761bd997]
      Fix indenting following [fbac01b3c]
      OSD: use 'short' timeout for seeking type event notifications

Jonatan Lindblad (1):
      Update the Swedish translation.

Karl Dietz (21):
      actually add the timecodeOffset when getting audio frames
      extend IPTV hack to handle PAT with two entries but only one program
      missed variable rename in Smolt data collection in ba8a1608cf
      let Smolt search for the langauge as global and local setting
      let Smolt search for the country as global and local setting
      let mythtranscode --help hint at the optional cutlist
      Make metadata title matching more permissive
      make parameter names consistently lowercase
      let mythwikiscripts find the categories again when scraping script
      consider all aspect ratio changes when looking for the next change
      consider the last segment when determining the aspect ratio
      Always force program type to series if it has an onscreen episode number
      change IPTV Url test to consider RTSP without explicit port as valid
      strip whitespace when splitting RTSP OPTIONS
      RTSP session-id is NOT a number but a random string of at least 8 chars
      cppcheck: silence "Redundant assignment of ' bt8' to itself."
      remove duplicate initialization of m_use_rtp_streaming
      Revert "make parameter names consistently lowercase"
      add explicit include of QT headers for msvc
      unbreak flush_deleted_recgroup.pl
      avoid NULL pointer dereference (coverity 1091332)

Klass De Waal (1):
      Remove old entries from in-memory EIT cache

Lawrence Rust (1):
      Mythgallery: Fix white screen after playing video when using OpenGL

Mike Thomas (2):
      Speed up ProgramInfo::SavePositionMap() database writes.
      Speed up writing EIT cache to database

Paul Harrison (35):
      MythMusic: fix playback of ogg radio streams
      MythZoneMinder: fix the grabbing of the live stream images
      MythZoneMinder: add some initial support for ZoneMinder >= 1.26.0
      MythZoneMinder: Add six and eight camera layouts to the live view screen
      MythZoneMinder: Add the six and eight camera layouts to the 4:3 ZM live screen
      MythCenter-wide: Add the six and eight camera layouts to the ZM live screen
      MythZoneMinder: tidy up the default wide zmliveplayer
      MythZoneMinder: fix the monitor function popup on the console screen
      MythZoneMinder: fix playback of continuous events
      MythZoneMinder: get a normal frame image if an analysis image is not available
      mythzmserver: fix the debug output telling us which mmap files we opened
      MythZoneMinder: finish the support for ZoneMinder >= 0.26.0
      MythZoneMinder: fix an invalid frame no. warning when playing back events
      mythburn.py: only use toprettyxml() in Python >= 2.7.3
      mythburn.py: fix another utcisoformat() missed in fa94c154c7
      MythZoneMinder: use the itemVisible signal to update the event images
      mythzmserver: fix a possible segfault if no event frames are found
      MythZoneMinder: fix typo
      mythzmserver: use the frame size from the shared memory in ZM 1.26.x
      MythMusic: fix playback of some radio stations
      MetaIOAVFComment: don't call av_estimate_timings() in getTrackLength()
      MetaIO: validate the files extension before creating a tagger
      Bump the ABI version after f359a4ebd3c
      MythMusic: make sure we null check the returned tagger after 47217ca10a
      MythMusic: avoid storing a pointer to the current playlist in the music player
      MythMusic: Fix detection of compilations using special MusicBrainz Artist ID
      MythMusic: fix the goom visualizer
      MythMusic: add a 'First' resume mode and make 'Off' never resume
      MythMusic: missed a git add in [385011e307c]
      MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the music playlist editor
      MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the music playlist editor
      MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the playlist editor screen
      MythMusic: fix the playlist editor adding duplicate tracks to the playlist
      MythNews: Fix parsing of the enclosure on some feeds
      MythArchive: Remove -copyts from the encoding profiles

Rainer Hochecker (2):
      ffmpeg backport: register vdpau hwaccel for mpeg12
      vdpau: Fix VC-1 interlaced mode

Raymond Wagner (24):
      Have pager return Nones if the server returns null.
      Enable --debug flag in test application.
      Allow system calls to pull global settings from the database.
      Remove tmdb.py and associated library.
      Remove tmdb library from python installer script.
      Remove more tmdb bits.
      Update Python bindings version.
      Have backendhousekeeper check for artwork update boolean.
      Perform run checks for housekeeper tasks set to run on startup.
      Add secondary check to prevent housekeeper task from running twice.
      Add back ArtworkTask enable check... properly.
      Bump binary version.
      Manually apply logging arguments when running mythfilldatabase.
      Update mythpython script for new tmdb library.
      mythburn.py: pass the starttime in utc format to mythtranscode
      Updates for television data.
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:wagnerrp/pytmdb3
      Correct issue where TMDB returns less results than claimed.
      Merge commit '1d9d46beff7a7591ebbfa6e13c080617e660e52d' into fixes/0.27
      Make "DailyArtworkUpdates" a global option
      Use proper string conversion for DailyArtworkUpdates setting.
      Add housekeeper startup delay.
      Allow tmdb3.py to use $MYTHCONFDIR as a cache location.
      Remove file check for pytmdb3.cache

Richard Hulme (7):
      Make ffmpeg call 'streams_changed' again when a DVD PCM stream is changed from PCM_DVD to PCM_S16BE to ensure the correct codec is loaded.
      Only jump back in a menu to the nearest previous block with subpictures if a seek operation is already in progress.
      Prevent MythWelcome blocking input devices when calling mythshutdown to avoid resetting the idle timer (see [cac1413]) when trying to determine whether the backend is idle, thereby preventing shutdown.
      Fix python bindings to store updates to video markup data.
      Explicitly set the audio capabilities of the DVD VM to indicate all audio types are supported.  This makes DVDs that check this VM register play properly.
      Invalidate the cache after deleting a video file to ensure the free'd entry is removed.
      Only force a refresh of the metadata rather than invalidating the cache as that causes a crash if file system browsing is enabled.

Richard O'Dwyer (1):
      PEP8 code style updates.

Rémi Alvergnat (1):
      Fixed version in setup.py

Stefan Becker (1):
      Bind to multicast address instead of ANY

Stuart Auchterlonie (7):
      Rewrite qmake detection to better support Qt5
      Rewrite qmake detection to better support Qt5 - plugins
      Remove check_cxxflags which doesn't work
      Fix mythnetvision.pro for Qt5
      Enable compilation of a couple of files that were disabled on Qt5 because they are apparently not compatible. They build, so let them.
      Fixes #12098 Only dynamically load the libGLESv2 library if OpenGL ES is enabled.
      Fix FreeBSD 10 builds of zeromq. We have to run autogen.sh otherwise shared libs get disabled

Stuart Morgan (36):
      Replace usage of direct queries on the settings table with SaveSetting() in MythFillDatabase
      Wakeup the backend to run mythfilldatabase
      More robust check before using mfdb run time as wakeup time
      Fix compilation on Windows
      Add more logging HandleIdleShutdown() to give a clearer picture of what's happening
      More robust checks before blocking shutdown for a mfdb run in the near future
      Fix startup 'wait for client' check that assumed the client would be non-blocking. It's possible for a frontend to connect to the backend, then go idle before we re-checked for it's presence, which would have prevented the backend shutting down. If _any_ client is connected, then release the block on shutdown.
      Add some logging to show what is happening with the startup shutdown block.
      Ensure the date we pulled as a string from the database is actually valid
      Use MythDate::fromString() instead of QDateTime::fromString()
      Revert "Have backendhousekeeper check for artwork update boolean."
      Prevent the use of SendReceiveStringList() on a socket with callbacks. Fixes #11777
      Make sure callbacks are disabled when the slave backend ANNounces.
      Disable MHEG/ITV when generating previews or flagging commercials
      Use the ChannelIcon storage group in the services API Guide/GetChannelIcon()
      Revert "Add ChannelIcons to the list of "special" storage groups."
      Fix services GetChannelIcon() when height or width are specified
      Fix marking of 1080/720 videos.
      Services API: Fix 'reverse' sorting in Dvr::GetRecordedList()
      Fix kVideoPropertyMask, we want 7 bits, not 6
      Fix inclusion of year of release in services Program object.
      Fix the disappearing programs bug in the Service API
      Services API: Order programs in GetProgramGuide() by starttime
      Services API: Fix aggregation of channel and program information in GetProgramGuide()
      Since IPv6 addresses can contain %{num} as the zone index, it's not safe to use QString::arg() in GenMythUrl(). Potentially fixes #11937
      Simplify MythCoreContext::GetMasterHostPrefix(). It's a waste of time to get the IP/port from the socket when we can be using the values from the settings instead, if we're not already connected to the master we will soon be connecting anyway to conduct the file transfer.
      Fix ordering of Artwork in selection dialogs. Best matches should now appear first, not last.
      Use category type as a hint in the Schedule Editor Metadata/Artwork searches
      Fix segfault in Schedule Editor. Not all recording rules are associated with a program and this pointer therefore needs to be checked first
      Icon Downloader: Fix 'Re-scan for missing' to check the Channel Icon storage group
      Make the check for an existing icon more robust.
      Fix display for progress dialog in Icon Importer
      Metadata Lookup: We want to use the first (best) result, not the last.
      Icon Downloader: Check that the existing icon is actually a valid image.
      Fix segfault in MythUIButtonList::GetItemCurrent(). Fixes #12040
      Fix build on FreeBSD 10

Toilal (1):
      Registered and uploaded on PyPI. Fix #31

angelaschmid (3):
      detect cropped HD (720p) content
      MythMusic: fix seek problem with restart playback.
      MythMusic: Release audio decoder when music paused and tv playback wanted.

dev-team (1):
      Fixes #11905 - HttpRequest parsing fails on parameters containing encoded & character

faginbagin (1):
      MythArchive: Fix problem playing created DVD's with no intro

pjokinen (1):
      Add mplexid to dummy entries when scheduling around live TV.

rkrishna1 (1):
      Prevent spurious packets from corrupting the time stamp informaion.

skd5aner (1):
      Add ChannelIcons to the list of "special" storage groups.

wagnerrp (2):
      Merge pull request #30 from Toilal/master
      Merge pull request #32 from Toilal/master



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