[mythtv-firehose] mythtv annotated tag v0.26-rc created by danielk. v0.26-rc

Git Repo Owner noreply at mythtv.org
Thu Aug 23 20:50:39 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, v0.26-rc has been created on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user danielk.
        at  e4907af6b7860a40c52bb33158ea18f3bc9ead46 (tag)
   tagging  6566c3c04a725db0cda42ce049b55284684ddde3 (commit)
  replaces  v0.26-beta
 tagged by  Daniel Kristjansson
        on  Thu Aug 23 16:50:37 2012 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.26-rc

Antonio Marcos Lopez Alonso (1):
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythGame, MythMUsic, MythNews and

Chris Pinkham (1):
      Revert [6fb8692] to not use aacenc.c AAC encoder by default.

Damci72 (1):
      Updated Slovenian MythFrontend translation

Daniel Kristjansson (1):
      Fixes #10981. Refs #10928. Convert QMutex to QSemaphore.

Daniel Thor Kristjansson (1):
      Updating version strings for 0.26 release candidate.

David Engel (2):
      Add missing include from 3234a348.
      Don't enable metadata button in schedule editor if not recording.

Ilkka Tengvall (2):
      Updated Finnish MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic,
      Update the Finnish translation of mythfrontend and plugins.

Jean-Yves Avenard (8):
      Revert "libmyth: Prevent an access violation by the ALSA library"
      Fix LiveTV when using HLS
      Fix MythDownloadManager::cancelDownload()
      Do not empty IPTVHLS buffer if there's no listener.
      Add extra verbosity for debugging purposes
      Interrupt ongoing downloads in HLSRingBuffer destructor
      Fix compilation error.
      Ignore invalid sub-stream entries.

Jonatan Lindblad (2):
      OSD: Fix alpha calculation of expirable windows
      Fix compilation for Qt 4.6

Kenni Lund (1):
      Update the binary translation files for en_gb.

Marko Punnar (1):
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend and MythMusic translation

Michael T. Dean (3):
      Update DB schema initialization for release (1307)
      Allow DB schema use after InitializeMythSchema()
      Clean up orphaned inputgroups

Nick Morrott (2):
      en-gb updates for mythfrontend
      en-gb updates for mythtv plugins

Nicolas Riendeau (3):
      Make translatable MythMusic strings which were not translatable.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Make translatable MythTranscode strings which should have been

Raymond Wagner (3):
      Make hardware profiler ignore errors and continue.
      Use config detection in Python bindings for stored smolt data.
      Fix UI message interface availability when using MythWelcome.

Rune Evjen (2):
      Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend, MythGallery, Mytnetvision
      Update the Norwegian translation of mythfrontend and plugins.

Yianni Vidalis (4):
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGallery,
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythGame and MythWeather translation
      Updated Greek MythFrontend and MythZoneMinder translation
      Updated Greek MythMusic translation from Yianni Vidalis

mythtv (1):
      One last theme string update before the full string freeze so that



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