[mythtv-firehose] mythtv annotated tag v0.26-beta created by beirdo. v0.26-beta

Git Repo Owner noreply at mythtv.org
Mon Aug 6 07:14:28 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, v0.26-beta has been created on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user beirdo.
        at  23346d4d50bab950d3c262f0f1672ab17329670d (tag)
   tagging  39386cf7ee3bc548e7482a390c6e8113dc032cfa (commit)
  replaces  v0.26-alpha
 tagged by  Gavin Hurlbut
        on  Mon Aug 6 00:14:26 2012 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.26-beta

Chris Pinkham (12):
      Various HLS bugfixes.
      Get rid of a VB_GENERAL LOG_DEBUG message we shouldn't need.
      Get rid of some (now after 02c0b3c) unused variables.
      Set the HLS status message when transcoding starts.
      HLS Fix and mythtranscode optimization.
      Switch HLS audio encoding back to AAC by default.
      Enable --avf mode to mythtranscode for testing HLS encoding.
      Revert a few lines of d4e5c78d.
      Add a way to hide the player window in the HLS .qsp test page.
      HLS/--avf  encoder fixes.
      More HLS encoder fixes.
      Fix animated image loading.

Daniel Kristjansson (7):
      Fixes #10926. Safely teardown MythPainters.
      Set s_pgq to NULL after we delete it PreviewGeneratorQueue.
      Make SignalHandler a singleton.
      Fix SIGINT/SIGTERM handling during video playback.
      Refs #10961. Add missing RunProlog()/RunEpilog()
      Fixes #8983. Allow relaxed matching of channels in DB.
      Fixes #10970. Fix StreamHandler restart race.

Daniel Thor Kristjansson (17):
      Disable -Woverloaded-virtual.
      Fixes #10888. Fix IPTV LiveTV Channel changes.
      Fixes #10870. Fixes StreamHandler Start()/Stop() race.
      Revert "Fixes #10870. Fixes StreamHandler Start()/Stop() race."
      Fixes #10870. Fix Start/Stop race condition in StreamHandler.
      Refs #10428. Fix off-by-1000 error in RingBuffer.
      Fixes #10928. Fix race in LoadInBackground() handling.
      Fixes #10745. Fix segfault on H.264 resolution change.
      Refs #10745. close & reopen H.264 codec when necessary.
      Fixes #10956. Special case LoggingItem in ReferenceCounter.
      Fixes #10948. Fixes EIT shutdown deadlock.
      Fixes #10872. Use desired start and end times.
      Refs #10872. Use desired start and end times for recording quality.
      Refs #10948. Fully randomize EIT crawl start time.
      Fixes #10933. Don't close readfd from under MPEGRecorder::run()
      Refs #10970. Don't print EOF as error if it's expected.
      Fixes #10957. Block EIT channel changes during other channel changes.

Dave Badia (1):
      Fixes #9861.  Rotate upside-down iPhone videos.

Dekarl (1):
      Fixes #10944. Fix frontend playback button on mythweb details page.

Florian Bittner (1):
      Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythGallery, MythGame,

Gavin Hurlbut (5):
      Rework logserver startup to remove race condition
      Change MythDownloadManager to allow for multiple headers
      Setting VERSION to v0.26-beta
      Revert "Setting VERSION to v0.26-beta"
      Setting VERSION to v0.26-beta

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr (1):
      Fixed libavcodec video encoding.

Jean-Yves Avenard (5):
      Remove Painter settings on Mac OS X
      Attempt several retries should setting ALSA hw buffer time failed.
      Make mythavtest always use OpenGL on Mac
      Fix possible deadlock in AirPlay server
      Add method to immediately interrupt HLS read or seek.

Jim Stichnoth (5):
      Subtitles: Put a "DEPRECATED_608_TELETEXT" message into the logs.
      Remove MythCenter-wide/fonts/ directory.
      Add missing files after 60cf735196cf267226dd8f7ec937a82fb5f8d4b3 .
      Add license files for fonts included with MythTV.
      Subtitles: log the DEPRECATED_608_TELETEXT under -v general

John Patrick Poet (1):
      MythUIButtonList::MoveDown: Prevent segfault when there are not enough items

Karl Dietz (2):
      Don't display null renderers in setup.
      fix braino in parser of delivery system descriptor

Kyle (1):
      Fixes #10897. Clear paused when we unpause FirewireRecorder.

Lawrence Rust (4):
      libmyth: Prevent an access violation by the ALSA library
      libmyth: Avoid a divide by 0 exception in AudioOutputBase
      Fixes #10794. Keep more sections in mpegts-mythtv.c
      Refs #10794. Add some debugging for failed CRC.

Marko Punnar (2):
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic,
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGame,

Nicolas Riendeau (4):
      Update the theme strings for 0.26
      Remove some duplicate strings by writing them the same way they appear
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Always recognize Season and Episode in addition to their translation

Paul Harrison (1):
      MythMusic: Remove duplicate menu entry for the Fullscreen Visualiser

Raymond Wagner (2):
      Correct import errors with utility folder.
      Correct --printexpire option in mythbackend.

Ronald Frazier (1):
      Add Ceton usb support

Rune Evjen (1):
      Updated Normwegian Bokmal MythFrontend, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews

Stuart Morgan (14):
      Remove unused files from mythmusic
      Fix ignore on external/zeromq/src/libzmq.pc
      Fix for Synaesthesia memory corruption
      Fix segfault after music scan completes.
      Set m_cdWatcher to NULL after deletion, fixes segfault on exiting frontend. Fixes #10936
      Mythweather - If for some reason the screen doesn't exist in the DB then we need to abort the save or insert bogus entries.
      Simplify Setup pincode checking. Refs #10950
      Restore setup pincode following [57adc5d120]
      Ignore time periods in the past for the Metoffice 18 hour grabber.
      Clarify an error message to indicate that the xmltv grabber is erroring, not mythfilldatabase
      It's redundant to wrap tr() in QString() since it returns a QString()
      Per UI guidelines remove 'Cancel' option from mythgame popup
      Clarify translated error strings for mythfilldatabase too, signed off by Nicholas Riendeau on behalf of the translation team.
      Guard against incomplete data in the MetOffice feed, if a period contains no data then skip over it

Walter Cheuk (1):
      Updated Hong Kong Chinese MythFrontend and MythArchive translatation

Wolfgang (1):
      Fixes #10943. Apply LiveTV group before we start jobs.



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