[mythtv] Very long recordings

David Hampton mythtv at love2code.net
Wed Feb 10 21:45:42 UTC 2021

On Wed, 2021-02-10 at 22:31 +0100, Klaas de Waal wrote:
> I have just now found a bit of suspicious code in tv_rec.cpp.
> This is the current code is this in tv_rec.cpp:159
>     m_overRecordSecNrml = gCoreContext-
> >GetDurSetting<std::chrono::minutes>("RecordOverTime");
> My production system has a value in the database of 1200 seconds.
> As I understand the code, the seconds value in the database is
> interpreted as minutes, which results in 72000 seconds record
> overtime.
> My development system has record overtime 0 so there it does not make
> a difference.
> This is in commit c2730942e325b393e589bb0b369c8e08bab3ea3c
> Have not tested this yet but hope this helps.

That's definitely wrong.  Thanks for finding it.

I'll commit a fix ASAP.


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