[mythtv] Configure errors after 40c6bac0

Gary Buhrmaster gary.buhrmaster at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 14:09:21 UTC 2021

Recent commit 40c6bac0 made a change to the
configure script that presumes that the compilation
will be running in a git checkout (rather than a tar
archive as provided via the project's website, or
a github archive retrieval, both of which do not
include the various git artifacts) and results in a
message during configure of the form:

    fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

It would appear to also result in a wrong check for
the minimum Qt version at some point in the future
for Qt6 checks(*).

Using git processing inside configure has come
up before, and has previously been rejected.

Is this a change in the project's position on that


(*) It would seem that the check for minimum
Qt version needs to be performed after determining
which Qt major Qt version is determined based
on which qmake is being used.

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