[mythtv] Heads up: Temporary removal of Picture in Picture support in master

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 10:33:53 UTC 2020

I am about to push a series of commits that start to refactor the high
level playback code.

The first of these removes Picture in Picture support.

To be clear, the intention is to add this back at some point -
hopefully well in advance of 0.32.

If you are actively using PiP then I suggest you stick with current
master. It's also worth noting that (rather ironically) PiP is stable
with master (prior to these commits) but was disabled for the 0.31
release for various stability reasons.

By way of background, the current PiP code adds a significant amount
of complexity to the playback code and is not compatible with future
design plans.

Those future plans/changes involve:-

- fully incorporating media playback into the main UI
- removing all blocking behaviour in the playback code
- remove blocking behaviour from decoder classes (and as a by-product
improve reliability)
- simplification of the playback code

Once those are complete, we should then be in a position to add back
PiP support by just using multiple media UI elements.


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