[mythtv] Guide service API "Group By" usage

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 16:58:05 UTC 2020

On 9/25/20 2:56 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> The Guide API uses "Group by Callsign" with the result that if you 
> have two channels with the same callsign, one gets dropped off the 
> list. Is there any reason for this? I plan to fix it with the other 
> bugs I am fixing, if nobody knows of a reason for grouping that way.
> Comcast have a setup where many channels appears at least twice in HD 
> and once in SD. The two HD versions have the same callsign. The second 
> HD version is in the 1000+ range and grouped in ranges in some way 
> they think is helpful for channel surfing.
> Peter
On reconsidering this, I realized that if you have more than 1 "Input 
Connection" you could have the same channels repeated, for example on 
cable and over-the-air, and in that case will not want your channels 
duplicated. So I think I should rather leave this as is.


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