[mythtv] Guide service API "Group By" usage

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 18:56:45 UTC 2020

The Guide API uses "Group by Callsign" with the result that if you have 
two channels with the same callsign, one gets dropped off the list. Is 
there any reason for this? I plan to fix it with the other bugs I am 
fixing, if nobody knows of a reason for grouping that way.

Comcast have a setup where many channels appears at least twice in HD 
and once in SD. The two HD versions have the same callsign. The second 
HD version is in the 1000+ range and grouped in ranges in some way they 
think is helpful for channel surfing.


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Comment (by Peter Bennett):

The last bug listed, !Guide/GetProgramGuide, uses "Group By !CallSign",
with the result that if two or more channels have the same call sign, only
one of them is included in the list. With Comcast, the same station is
broadcast on several channels, and if you have your channels set up like
that you likely want to see the listings the same way. I am changing this
to no longer group that way.

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