[mythtv] Current master cannot play radio recordings from DVB-T

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 11:25:56 UTC 2020

Gives a 'Failed to initialise Video Output' popup.

It happens in Fedora too.

And I have had occasional window management glitches when the mouse 
disappears and the keyboard doesn't work on entering the MythTV window 
area, even if that part of the window is not visible.


2020-10-14 12:13:14.527836 C  mythfrontend version: HEAD -> master 
[v32-Pre-d1b3b2df075] www.mythtv.org
2020-10-14 12:13:14.527842 C  Qt version: compile: 5.9.7, runtime: 5.9.7
2020-10-14 12:13:14.527880 I  Scientific Linux 7.8 (Nitrogen) (x86_64)
2020-10-14 12:13:14.527884 N  Enabled verbose msgs:  general playback

2020-10-14 12:00:07.629387 I  VideoBuffers::DiscardFrames(1): 
2020-10-14 12:00:07.629401 E  VidOutGPU: Not compiled with any useable 
video output method.
2020-10-14 12:00:07.629418 E  PlayerUI: Couldn't create VideoOutput 
instance. Exiting..
2020-10-14 12:00:07.629429 E  Player(1): Unable to initialize video.
2020-10-14 12:00:07.639965 E  playCtx: StartPlaying() Failed to start player
2020-10-14 12:00:07.639991 C  TV::StartPlayer(): Failed to create player.


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