[mythtv] "Search Type" in Record Rule

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 16:41:35 UTC 2020

Hi David

Another question for you. The record table and the API have a field 
called "search type", which can take the values:


These all are supported by the scheduler.

With mythfrontend I can create kNoSearch (from the program guide), 
kPowerSearch (from Custom Record), kManualSearch (from Manual Schedule). 
However I cannot see how to create kTitleSearch, kKeywordSearch, 
kPeopleSearch. I can in fact create those from mythweb. Do you know how 
they are created in mythfrontend? They can be updated from mythfrontend 
but the search string cannot be updated from mythfrontend. The search 
string is stored in the description field.

I have never used those searches. I am wary of creating recording rules 
in mythweb as I have had problems in the past with it.

I am adding program scheduling to leanfront and not sure what to support.


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