[mythtv] Questions about recording profiles

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 21:20:01 UTC 2020

Recording profiles are an input field for setting up recordings.

mythfrontend user interface prompts for values "Default", "LiveTV", 
"High Quality", "Low Quality", hard-coded in scheduleeditor.cpp.

The database table recordingprofiles contains entries for "Default", 
"Live TV", "High Quality", "Low Quality", for several groups.

Note how "Live TV" is spelt with a space in the database and without a 
space in the user interface.

Recording rules that ask for "LiveTV", have the value "LiveTV" in the 
record table. Presumable, any settings you make in mythtv-setup for 
"Live TV" will not be used because of the discrepancy.

mythtv-setup also allows you to create additional recording profiles. 
However when you do create them, they cannot be used since the user 
interface only gives you those four hardcoded values.

Maybe recording profiles are useful for transcoding or some types of 
recording devices. Is the "LiveTV" vs "Live TV" thing a bug, should we 
fix it?


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