[mythtv] IPTV, github, headers, trouble with channel numbers, and partial lock

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Wed Oct 16 16:12:58 UTC 2019

On 16/10/2019 13:39, John Pilkington wrote:

> Master commit a474d52 of 12 Oct, also now in 2019-render
> I tried this from the ubuntu ppa master earlier and got similar
> results.  Setup based on the the Avenard article in the wiki.
> Using https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/index.m3u, the import failed at
> Afghanistan.  Import of the French list which appeared to be the old
> default worked, but autoincremented the 90 channel numbers from 0. 
> They are shown in the frontend EPG interleaved with the Freeview set
> that runs from 0 to 800.  When I first tried 'Watch this channel'
> partial lock was reported and no picture; but France 24 English works,
> live, as Channel 40.  Wow!
> John P

We don't support nested playlists like the index.m3u so you will have to
use one of the all in one ones like |index.full.m3u,
|||index.country.m3u or |||||index.content.m3u| ||||||if you want the
full list of 8000+ feeds ||or use one of the smaller country or category
playlists like you did for the french one.||

||| |

|Channel numbers are a problem since everyone will wont something
different. Non of the playlists from this particular site add them at
all to any of there playlists so we have to make one up. We simply find
the last channel number used for a video source and use that + 1 if we
can't find one in the playlist. Maybe we should just use last channel
number from all sources + 1 or sourceid * 1000 + channel number? I'm
open to suggestions.  


|You can obviously change the channel numbers manually and have several
options :-|

|1. use the channel editor to set the channel number appropriately.|

|2. Download the playlist and change the -1 after #EXTINF: on each line
to the channel number of your choice (you can probably just change the
first one to say 3000 and the rest will become 3001, 3002...) then
delete all the channels from the IPTV source and rescan them.

|3. **DANGEROUS** Do some mysql voodoo to change the channel numbers for
the sourceid used by the IPTV recorder after a scan eg. 'UPDATE  channel
SET channum = channum + 1000 WHERE sourceid = 7;' That would add 1000 to
all the channel numbers for the sourceid 7.|


|As for the partial lock it just means that feed isn't working it could
be we don't support the format used, it could be the feed is off air or
broken or got taken down, it could be working but geofenced so will only
work in one particular country.|


|Paul H. 

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