[mythtv] render2019: step-length oddities in video editing

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 08:28:03 UTC 2019

On Sun, 6 Oct 2019 at 19:10, John Pilkington <johnpilk222 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Mark, thanks for the response:  I have just looked at the step
> lengths in the editor in last night's ppa build of master for ubuntu
> 18.04, and the 1-frame, 0.5-sec, 1-sec steps that are broken in render
> 2019 all work as expected, although 1-sec is a bit elastic.
> The blurriness in static frames in render 2019 is probably a mix of info
> from several frames and doesn't really affect editing, but it is
> different.  Normal playback seems fine.


I've pushed a fix for a regression in seeking that seems to fix the
worst of the seeking issues. Editing seems fine here with software
decode and VAAPI direct rendering. VAAPI decode only still gives some
odd seeks for reasons I don't understand. Deinterlacing seems to be
working OK and I can't see/reproduce the blurriness that you mention.
Can you give me details of your decoder/deinterlacer settings?

Apart from the VAAPI decode only anomaly, there is a slight oddity
with 1 second seeking in a PAL recording where it seeks 24 frames
instead of 25. I suspect this is a master issue as well (mythplayer
actually asks to seek 24 frames). NTSC recording (imported) always
seeks 30.

Frame by frame seeking in videos (i.e. no seektable) still has issues
when going backwards - again not sure why:)


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