[mythtv] render2019 comments

Jonatan Lindblad lindbladjonatan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 20:21:56 UTC 2019

Den 2019-09-30 kl. 09:24, skrev Mark Kendall:
> On Sun, 29 Sep 2019 at 20:51, Klaas de Waal <klaas.de.waal at gmail.com> wrote:
>> About the GUI.
>> Below the "Deinterlacer quality (single rate)" option are two lines
>> "Prefer OpenGL deinterlacers" and "Prefer driver deinterlacers".
>> These two lines are skipped over when "None" is the desired quality.
>> This makes sense after a few moments but initially it surprised me.
>> It would be great if it was possible to grey-out the not-applicable
>> options, as was recommended in the OSF-Motif style guide of the
>> previous century.
>> N.B. I do not know how to do that or if it is even possible in the
>> MythTV GUI. If I knew I would also use that in mythtv-setup.
> I was expecting that feedback at some point:)
> I didn't want to make the extra preferences another screen as it makes
> the setup much more complicated and requires a lot more code.
> There are 2 'states' that I found in the code for the checkboxes -
> enabled and visible. The visible state doesn't seem to have been
> designed for this purpose - as setting visible to true again does not
> show the setting.
> So I settled on enabled for now - and as you note, there is no code
> (as far as I can see) to change the presentation state when the
> setting is disabled. Like you, I was hoping it would grayed out (or
> something similar).
> Anyone familiar with the settings UI code have any ideas/suggestions?

I'm afraid the documentation for theming the settings has not been written yet. You should however be able to do what you want with the states disabledinactive and disabledactive of the buttonitem statetype widget that is used in button lists. That's just standard MythUI but for settings there is also the widgettype statetype which can be used to display the type of a setting (checkbox, textedit, etc).

Documentation of the button lists can be found here:

The current definition just changes the background for disabled settings:


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