[mythtv] Experimental Android TV "leanback" MythTV frontend

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 16:56:48 UTC 2019

On 11/14/19 11:10 AM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> On 21/08/2019 20:17, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> I am developing a pure android application for Android TV devices
>> called android-MythTV-Leanfront.
>> It uses the android TV leanback user interface as used by other apps
>> such as youtube, prime video, etc. to play MythTV recordings.
>> It supports 4K resolution video at 50 fps and voice search, which are
>> not working on mythfrontend for android. Also it supports surround sound.
>> It does not yet support many of the important features of
>> Mythfrontend, and some features it may never support.
>> See https://github.com/bennettpeter/android-MythTV-Leanfront for more
>> details
>> Peter
> I briefly tried this on both FireTV 4k and Nvidia Shield and it fails to
> run on both of them. The first time it run it went to the settings
> screen so I  set the backend IP and then backed out to a screen that I
> think showed just two items for 'Settings' and 'All' nothing else.  Now
> when I try it it just crashes back to the Home screen each time. Don't
> have any time to debug but curious to why it's failing.
> Does this use the Services API?
Yes it uses the services API exclusively. It does not use the myth 
protocol. v30 or master should work. I have not tested with any earlier 
version. It loads the program list with 

After you enter the backend ip address it should start with a list of 
recording groups: All, Default, Others. Then selecting one of those will 
give a row for each title, with episodes across.

> What Security Pin does it use (I have several BE's on the same network
> so set a different pin on each one, I don't use the default  '0000'
> could that be it?
Since it does not use the myth protocol it does not need a pin or the 
database credentials.
> I do have over 4100 recordings could that be it?
It was previously crashing due to a large number of titles. I made a fix 
for that but perhaps there is still some limit I am not aware of. It 
would be helpful for me to get a logcat output from when it crashes 
(full logcat is best: adb logcat > logcat.txt)

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