[mythtv] OpenGL questions

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 18:55:51 UTC 2019

Hi Mark

I am trying to learn OpenGL by going through some tutorials and 
examples. Would you mind answering a basic question?

Which version or versions of OpenGL and GLSL do we target in MythTV?

It looks like you do not use the #version specifier. Then OpenGL assumes 
it is using GLSL version 1.10 from 2004 (OpenGL 2.0) and OpenGL ES 
assumes GLSL version 1.00 from 2009 (OpenGL ES 2.0). Is that what we are 
using? Do we build everything to be compatible with both of these? Those 
versions seem like ancient history?

Any tips you may have regarding OpenGL for a beginner would be welcome.


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