[mythtv] AVSync2 Improvements

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 20:21:46 UTC 2019

On 2/28/19 4:10 PM, Mark Spieth wrote:
> I watched too last night with the patch using mediacodec however I had 
> it on old AVSync but the finish early issue still existed which is 
> strange too.
The "finish early" fix only applies to AVSync2. See comment 1 in the ticket.
> Will have to repeat tonight with AVSync2.
> I can make some programs available again if it helps Peter. Use my 
> previous link but use recordings/1020_20190228080000.ts (news last 
> night) or some of the other recent ones. The one listed is guaranteed 
> to show the issue. 1020 is HD and 1021 is SD.

I will try that one. Does it always glitch in the same place?

I did see a period of stuttery playback during David's recording while I 
was testing the finish earky fix. The thing is, during the stuttery 
playback the system was unresponsive to the remote. This indicates that 
something on the system was pre-empting mythfrontend.

What springs to mind is that it may have been doing a java full garbage 
collect operation. My experience with java (non-android) is you need to 
be careful to avoid full garbage collect operations during a real-time 
process like playback. Mediacodec decoding goes through java code so it 
may be a possibility. I don't know how you adjust the garbage collect 
settings on android, on regular systems it is via parameters on the java 
command line.

Do you notice that it is unresponsive to the remote while the stuttering 
takes place?

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