[mythtv] FireTV issues with latest android build mythfrontend-20190620-arm-v30.0-60-gb9c1b41a6c0.apk

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 21:06:38 UTC 2019

On 6/24/19 7:03 PM, Rick wrote:
> On 6/24/2019 7:28 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> On 6/24/19 5:06 AM, OpenMedia Support wrote:
>>> Just tried out the latest build on my FireTV Gen 3 (pendant) and it 
>>> locks
>>> up at the MythTV logo. Running adb logacat I can see the following 
>>> error.
>>> Rolling back to mythfrontend-20190620-arm-v30.0-60-gb9c1b41a6c0.apk
>>> resolves the issue
>>> Let me know if I can provide any other Debug data
>> Please tell me which version gives the problem, actual apk file name. 
>> You just say that mythfrontend-20190620-arm-v30.0-60-gb9c1b41a6c0.apk 
>> does not give the problem without stating which one does give the 
>> problem. I suspect you may have tried a 64-bit version, which will 
>> not work on the firetv.
> I tried the 64 bit version of 
> mythfrontend-20190620-arm-v30.0-60-gb9c1b41a6c0.apk and it hung on the 
> Mythtv opening screen. I reverted to 
> mythfrontend-20190414-arm64-v30.0-43-g5a67176bf90.apk and all was well 
> again. I'm using the Nvidial Shield.
> Rick
> _______________________________________________

I tried it myself and I agree 
mythfrontend-20190620-arm64-v30.0-60-gb9c1b41a6c0.apk is hanging on the 

It is very strange, the application is actually running but the screen 
still displays only the MythTV icon. I tried operating the remote and 
the log confirmed that it was responding and going into live tv, but the 
screen still only showed the MythTV icon.

Version master (v31-pre) is working fine, which is a mystery, since 
these fixes should be in there as well.

Based on the fact that 
mythfrontend-20190414-arm64-v30.0-43-g5a67176bf90.apk is working, the 
problem must be in one of these commits (see below).

* b9c1b41a6c0 2019/06/17 Peter Bennett : android: Fix problem with guide 
grid colors.
* ef55cb239b2 2019/06/13 Robert Watson : Compute seek offset 64 bits in 
playback of Blu-Ray iso.
* 4761e7a6d42 2019/06/04 Jan Ceuleers  : tmdb3.py: Prevent program from 
* 402e8274435 2019/06/04 Bill Meek     : HTTP Status: Restore thousands 
separators and use proper LOCALE choice
* aa26a6b76bf 2019/06/04 Bill Meek     : Python Bindings: Fix version 
test for Frontend services
* 8d04874b1ec 2019/06/04 Bill Meek     : mythwelcome: Final 
--override-settings fix
* 8325b078045 2019/06/04 Bill Meek     : mythwelcome: 
--override-settings choice(s) don't take affect
* 6bd8cd49938 2019/05/30 Klaas de Waal : Remove m_ in class member names 
for backport to fixes-30
* 57ffe65dbc1 2019/05/30 Simon Hyde    : Prevent data corruption in 
dvbchannel.cpp causing hang
* a32ec4bdea1 2019/04/30 David Hampton : Fix mythgame configuration with 
minizip 2.8.6
* fc79822ce4c 2019/04/30 David Hampton : Fix compilation with exiv2 > 
* f92255ce062 2019/04/26 Peter Bennett : Playback: Fix DB Update that 
caused bookmark key bindings to be lost
* 30a59af73f1 2019/04/25 David Engel   : Account for very, large 
pre-roll values in AssignGroupInput.
* 97786a019da 2019/04/24 David Hampton : Lengthen timers in test_mythtimer.
* 0bd850a5424 2019/04/24 David Hampton : Add delay to handle race 
condition in FreeBSD testing.
* d41d45ed6f5 2019/04/24 David Engel   : Enable Schedule as Group by 
* b61283d7d1f 2019/04/24 David Hampton : Restore code that fixes up key 

I will look into it further, perhaps do a bisect to see when it stopped 

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