[mythtv] AVSync2 Refinements

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 15:26:09 UTC 2019

On 12/9/19 9:03 AM, Mark Kendall wrote:
> Many thanks for this - very handy:)
> I recently got caught out by the fluctuating av sync on the raspberry
> pi. I've taken the liberty of producing a more extensive patch
> (attached). This adds your filtering as well as removing all of the
> the old a/v sync code and the settings for AVSync2 - i.e. it moves
> over completely to the new av sync code and removes the audio
> correction adjustment. (N.B. the patch is against today's  latest
> master - I pushed some cleanup of  MythDVDPlayer and the patch won't
> apply cleanly before that).
> It appears to work very well. On two (linux) desktop dev machines and
> a pi 4 I can't see any issues - playback is nice and smooth. As you
> say, initial sync seems to be much better as well.
> Certainly gets my seal of approval!
> One question - last_fix - should that be carried over between calls to
> AVSync()? At the moment it is a local that gets reset between each
> call - which I'm not sure is the intended behaviour.
> Thanks again and regards
> Mark

Hi Mark

I have been wondering for a while whether to remove the old avsync and 
with it the setup option for avsync2.  I am always rather cautious about 
making a change that affects everybody. Since I have not seen any 
complaints about avsync2 and there have been positive comments I would 
say go for it.


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