[mythtv] Merging the 'render' branch

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 08:27:24 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2 Dec 2019 at 21:29, Andreas Mayer <and.mayer at aon.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have tried to run some basic tests for devel/2019-render on two
> systems ...
> On both systems I'm using DVB-S2 cards with Astra 19.2E channels (SD
> mpeg2 544x576, 720x576, HD H264 1280x720 German FTA, Astra UHD demo
> channel HEVC Main10 3840x2160).
> First I had to change libs/libmythbase/mythversion.h: #define
> MYTH_DATABASE_VERSION "1357" to "1358", otherwise BE/FE would not start
> because schema version would be newer than expected after the schema
> updates.

The branch was merged into master yesterday - so master is the place
to test now. I'm assuming you have a timing issue on which versions of
master/render branch you used - and hence the schema version mismatch.

> On the first system (my office PC, Intel Skylake, HD 530, additional
> Nvidia GT1030 card with HDMI 2.0 output, OpenSuSE Tumbleweed, 1920x1080
> monitor):
>      When using the Intel graphics using playback profile "VAAPI normal"
> SD and HD LiveTV works fine but UHD stutters (this is to be expected
> because only HEVC Main profile is supported by HD 530).

Yes - that will be using software decoding.

>      When using the NVidia graphics card (driver version 430.26 first,
> now 440.31) with playback profile "NVDEC Standard":
>          SD LiveTV and UHD Live LiveTV works fine but channel change to
> HD channels and sometimes to UHD channel results in
>          SEGV in cuda_buffer_free (backtrace something like ...
> mythfrontend.TVMenuCallback -> mythfrontend.startTVNormal -> libmythtv.* ->
>          libmythavutil.buffer_replace, buffer_pool_free,
> cuda_buffer_free, will provide more details as soon as possible)

That's not good. A full backtrace would be useful. I'll try and
reproduce - but I don't have any tuners that are HD/UHD capable at the
moment - so will have to fabricate a dummy tuner.

> On the second system (living room, Intel Coffee Lake, UHD 630, HDMI 1.4
> output - limits output to 30Hz at 3840x2160 - connected to UHD TV, OpenSuSE
> Leap 42.3 with updates for vaapi, minimal X server without display
> manager, playback profile "VAAPI normal"):
>      LiveTV on SD, HD and UHD channels (oncluding channel switch) works
> fine, but I'm not able to >30Hz on this system.
>      In the end I would like to install the NVidia GT1030 card on this
> system to get full UHD support.

I've just been caught out by the CoffeeLake 30Hz UHD limit - very annoying:)

> Until now I was not able to run mythfronend without X (eglfs) on both
> systems using the Intel graphics (did not even try NVidia)

I can't get eglfs to work with Nvidia at all and I'm not entirely sure
whether CUDA/NVDEC will work with EGL without some modification.

For Intel, "QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs mythfrontend" works for me when
there is no X. You may want to make sure you have the latest Qt and/or
mesa packages.

If you still have issues, Qt may give you a hint about the problem
with extra logging enabled:

export QT_LOGGING_RULES=qt.qpa.*=true

You may also need to change the permissions for your input devices to
ensure keyboards/mice work.

Thanks for the feedback,

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