[mythtv] Android update

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 16:07:07 UTC 2018

On 11/14/18 4:36 PM, Andreas Mayer wrote:
> On /Fri Nov 2 22:42:09 UTC 2018 Peter Bennet wrote:/
> /> /I have created a new Android TV mythfrontend package, with some 
> new features that make it work a little better on the Amazon fire tv 
> stick.
> I have started trying this package on my Huawei P9 lite mobile phone 
> (Android 7.0), my observations/comments:
> I had to use "Force audio device output to 48kHz" (and I think 
> Override SRC quality) because otherwise audio did not work.
I suspect the audio may not work unless you got into audio setup and 
change something, anything, even change it back again. I think it may 
not be saving the default OPENSLES settings unless you have made some 
sort of change. I should check on this because it could be a bug
> Startup takes more than one minute, is there a way to increase/set 
> verbose for this FE to find out where the most time is spent (I'm 
> using adb logcat to watch the FE messages)?
To do this I make a change to the parameters in AndroidManifest.xml.in 
and then package and install again. This will be a lot of work if you do 
not have the development setup. Also you do not have the certificate so 
if you package it again you will have to uninstall and reinstall.
> If the device goes to screen lock and after unlocking the device the 
> screen gets split into two halfs, one showing the startup logo, the 
> other showing the menu. Until now I have found no way to get back to a 
> nomal display without exiting/re-entering the app.
David Engel made some changes to what happens when MythTV goes into the 
background. He was trying to make it exit after a period of time in the 
background but I find normally it exits when it goes into the 
background. I do not want it to continue in the background because that 
will restrict the backend from shutting down. I don't know why you get a 
split screen.
> SD recordings and LiveTV work OK, HD playback is not smooth always 
> (and UHD does not work at all).
The android build is at this point optimized for Android TV. Phones and 
tablets will likely not give a good experience.


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