[mythtv] Some recording profile settings not ingested properly [SOLVED]

Dan Wilga mythtv-dev2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Fri Nov 2 18:35:38 UTC 2018

On 10/12/18 10:01 AM, Dan Wilga wrote:
> I've been trying to debug a problem both another user and I are having 
> in v29:
> https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/13317
> where not all recording profile settings are being read correctly. The 
> end result is that, at least for the HD-PVR device, the bitrate 
> settings present in the recording profile are being ignored.
> By adding extra logging in RecordingProfile::CompleteLoad 
> (libs/libmythtv/recordingprofile.cpp) I can see that the correct 
> profile is being loaded. From a log of database calls, I can see that 
> the settings are being retrieved properly from the codecparams table 
> in the database.
> However, in MpegRecorder::SetIntOption 
> (libs/libmythtv/recorders/mpegrecorder.cpp), profile->byName(name) 
> fails to find any of the settings from that table. With the additional 
> logging code I get:
> SetIntOption(...mpeg2bitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...mpeg2maxbitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetStrOption(...mpeg2streamtype): Option not in profile.
> SetStrOption(...mpeg2aspectratio): Option not in profile.
> SetStrOption(...mpeg2language): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...samplerate): Option not in profile.
> SetStrOption(...mpeg2audtype): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...mpeg2audbitratel1): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...mpeg2audbitratel2): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...mpeg2audbitratel3): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...mpeg2audvolume): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...width): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...height): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...low_mpeg4avgbitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...low_mpeg4peakbitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...medium_mpeg4avgbitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...medium_mpeg4peakbitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...high_mpeg4avgbitrate): Option not in profile.
> SetIntOption(...high_mpeg4peakbitrate): Option not in profile.
> It's as though the settings are being initially loaded into a part of 
> the profile that is different from where it's being asked to look in 
> SetIntOption and SetStrOption. The fact that the two settings 
> beginning with "high_mpeg4" aren't being set is what's causing my 
> HD-PVR to always record using the default values (the highest possible 
> bitrate), which takes up considerably more disk space than similar 
> recordings in 0.28.
> Unfortunately, my understanding of how this should work is lacking, 
> and so I'm hoping someone else here with more knowledge than I have 
> can help.
A follow-up for anyone following this thread:  Jonatan Lindblad 
suggested a patch, both the original reporter and I tested it, and it 
has now been committed to fixes/29 (987159173d) and master (658dd95fd0).

It turns out that this bug would have likely affected several different 
kinds of tuner, not just the HD-PVR.
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