[mythtv] Key mapping for BOOKMARK

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 18:44:46 UTC 2018

During playback, the select key assigned in global key mapping is used 
for setting and removing bookmarks.

To allow users to set a different key for bookmarks without having to 
change global select, I have create a new key mapping for bookmarks. I 
can default this to the same keys as SELECT (i.e. space, enter, return) 
and it should not affect anybody unless they have changed their global 
select settings. (see 
It is not committed yet.

Personally I never set a bookmark and the fact that it is on the most 
prominent keyboard keys seems inappropriate.

On the Nvidia Shield there is only one button (enter), and it should do 
something useful that leads to other interactions, rather than set a 
bookmark. Other remotes also have a prominent enter button, which should 
be used for something more important.

I propose defaulting the new BOOKMARK setting to Ctrl+K (since K is 
"jump to bookmark"). I would default Space to pause(which is how most 
players work), and Enter to a new navigation OSD that I plan to develop.

Existing frontends would find that space enter and return would no 
longer invoke bookmark. They could still assign those keys to bookmark 
in the key mappings.

I expect that bookmarks are not widely used and that most people would 
not be upset at this.

If necessary the code could apply different defaults for Android so as 
to have less impact on existing users, but I think it is better if 
possible to keep the different platforms working the same.

Please let me have feedback on this.


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