[mythtv] Android gdb woes

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 16:15:50 UTC 2018

On 03/06/2018 04:23 PM, Mark Spieth wrote:
> On 3/7/2018 3:57 AM, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> Trying to debug on Android.
>> I am using the gdb.sh script with an NVidia shield.
>> If I run ./gdb.sh on my linux machien, then it displays a bunch of 
>> messages, and eventually gets to a (gdb) prompt. If I enter c 
>> (continue), MythTV launches on the Shield and I can debug it by using 
>> ctrl-c and using gdb commands.
>> However, sometimes, after entering c (continue), nothing happens. 
>> There is a message on the shield screen that it is waiting for the 
>> debugger to attach and a button that lets you cancel. It gets no 
>> further.
>> At first this happened about 1 time out of 4. I tried restarting the 
>> shield and other things and eventually it would work again.
>> Now this happens every time. Restarting the shield does not help, 
>> killing mythtv from adb does not help.
>> I can debug by starting MythTV from the shield and then connecting 
>> with ./gdb.sh. If I do that I get a bunch of SIG33 errors in gdb and 
>> messages on the shield that the application has stopped responding. 
>> This is not ideal.
>> Any idea what I can do to get this to work?
> If you have gdb start trouble, extend the startup timeout. need extra 
> opt in adb shell am start command (I think).
> gdb.sh makes a copy of all so files in the so directory as the files 
> on the device dont have debug syms.
> There are also 2 modes: adb and ip modes. Ive found IP works better 
> but maybe for you adb tunnel is better. try that. USE_IP=0
> That said, the current script works well and every time for me. is 
> there something else with your environment that may be contributing? 
> You mentioned a personal .gdbinit. try moving it aside temp. I dont 
> have one of those.
> make sure that you are using the 64 bit gdb (make.inc is correct).
> USE_SU mode is no good for the shield unless you have rooted it.
> Mark
I tried these but did not succeed. However, starting Mythfrontend from 
the shield before running gdb.sh is now working perfectly. gdb attaches 
to the already running process. I don't know what was causing the SIG33 
errors but they have stopped happening, as has the message that the 
application stopped responding.


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