[mythtv] db schema clarification related to recordings

Torbjorn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Thu Aug 2 18:11:29 UTC 2018


i think i need some help, i'm writing a script to setup links to recordings so 
they can be picked up properly by kodi.
the mythlink.pl script is a good start but it can't by itself be used to 
separate movies from series and i want folder names with season names for 
series and seasons makes no sense for movies.

so i'm digging thru the sql recorded and recordedprograms table and i found 
something that got me wondering.

at what point is recorded.season and episode populated with information?
same for inetref.

the reason for asking is that for a recently recorded program season and 
episode in recorded is zero but if i check frontend it picks up season and 
episode, most likely from the non zero values in recordedprogram table.

also inetref in recorded have just a number on this specific recording but in 
recorded program it got the ttvdb.py_ prefix
why are they different?

FYI i'm still running 0.28-fixes

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