[mythtv] Problem with commit 9506b88 2017/10/09 : Cleanup gcc and clang warnings generated by -Wextra switch.

Jonatan Lindblad mythtv at comhem.se
Wed Oct 25 18:57:42 UTC 2017

Den 2017-10-25 kl. 20:23, skrev Peter Bennett:
> On 10/25/2017 02:10 PM, Jonatan Lindblad wrote:
>> They certainly are in the repository, the merge pulled them all in.
>> $ git show 9506b88
>> commit 9506b88b3bc2c3717b32102ece45794fa71f791b
>> Merge: 594b16057b 6ee77bc064
>> Author: David Hampton <snip>
>> $ git merge-base 594b16057b 6ee77bc064
>> 693bc46ce5e665e04ac2dad9975d45a45be196e0
>> $ git log --oneline 693bc46ce5e665e04ac2dad9975d45a45be196e0..6ee77bc064
>> 6ee77bc064 Use local variable to prevent warning messages.
>> 45c22fd783 Conditionally compile out unfinished code.
>> 334dc5fe84 Fix 'address of array will always evaluate to true' warning.
>> ffaa099751 Fix "using directive refers to implicitly-defined namespace 'std'" warning.
>> 0dbe67eacf Fix 'comparison of integers of different signs' warning message.
>> db88d597d5 Fix 'max of value and unsigned zero' warning message.
>> 869832702c Fix 'implicit conversion changes value' warning message.
>> 8e5fcd3de8 Conditionally compile out the unused RequestRange function.
>> 1e4b5fb394 Move an unused InfoMap printing function to a different file.
>> ...
>> Cheers
>> Jonatan
> Hi Jonatan
> I guess I did not explain it properly. They are in our repository but if I check out any of them I get a copy of MythTV that does not include my fixes from a commit that I made a month and a half before those were merged. It seems like I see source code as it existed on David's repository, which was rather behind ours, and it fails to compile on Raspberry Pi as it is missing those changes I made a month and a half before.

Hi Peter

Thanks for the clarification ;)  I understood why your Pi stuff was missing but it sounded to me that both you and David did not think his commits were accessible.

The merge itself did not contain any changes so a rebase could probably have been done without issues before the push.  That would have made it easier to bisect.


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