[mythtv] Backporting some of MiniMyth2 patches to mythtv master?

Piotr Oniszczuk piotr.oniszczuk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 14:44:10 UTC 2017


I see ongoing process of opening of myth to new code contributions (which is finally great!)

Will You consider to back port some of MiniMyth2 patches to myth tv master code?

I’m using mm2 patch set in my production system without any issues since years while enjoying greater functionality&flexibility.
Also whole mm2 community runs them with great success I believe.

If You think it is worth to do - we can discuss patch-by-patch here and dev team can decide - is it worth to merge or not.

So lets try with first candidate:


Patch allows to disable cache pruning by setting UIDiskCacheDays to -1.

Why useful: 
If frontend is used as appliance with sleep/resume regime with mode where mythfrontend process is exited at sleep and started at appliance resume - cache pruning can considerable increase mythfrontend start time (on my ION2 it is 11->19..21sec).

Sure - this we can overcome by moving cache pruning to separate thread (which is also good idea IMHO)

But I have another argument to turn-off pruning some cases:

lets see 2 cases: 

a\ no pruning: 
(-)bigger disk usage
(+)no issue with lagging some images on UI (no cache)
(+)quick, predictable start of frontend      

(+)space on hdd saved
(-)noticeable UE impact when playing with UI
(-)mythfrontend startup sometimes so longer(*) than user thinks it hanged

For me in mm2 b\ wins clearly.

Patch allows to user to decide a\ or b\ 

(*) I have appliances where mythfrontend wasn’t restarted by weeks. Any restart triggers long (10-20sec) of cache pruning.


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