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roger roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Mon May 22 18:36:51 UTC 2017


I have recently been testing my new DVB SI code against DVB-S Freesat 
here in the UK.

I am not seeing EIT actual schedule data where I expect to see it.

There are 4 DVB-S Freesat muxes on Astra 2E. These are :-

DSAT1 on 10.77325 GHz.

DSAT2 on 10.80275 GHz

DSAT5 on 10.78800 GHz

DSAT6 on 10.81750 GHz

I checked the following PIDS 0x12, 0xf01, 0xf02, 0xf03 the above 
transponders. I did not find any EIT actual schedule tables on any of them.

This is what I found on all transponder.

Pid 0x12 - EIT  actual present/following

Pid 0xf01 - BAT, SDT

Pid 0xf02 - EIT other schedule

PID 0xf03 - Table ID 0xd1 only

No sign of EIT actual schedule data.

I look through the code in the current head (master). In eithelper.cpp 
we definitely ignore EIT other tables. I could not find anywhere in the 
code where Freesat other schedule tables got special handling. What have 
I missed? How are people getting Freesat schedule information at the moment?

I will check tomorrow whether the other schedule tables carry data for 
the currently tuned stream.

Does anyone know of any definitive specification for the radiated 
Freesat SI data?

There are other Freesat transponders listed for Astra 2e that re are not 
in the BBC list at 

I wonder whether there is something on them.


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