[mythtv] Crash in ~DVBChannel()

Roger Siddons dizygotheca at ntlworld.com
Tue May 16 11:53:48 UTC 2017

On 15/05/17 17:29, Roger James wrote:
> I
> fixed this in udev and edited the capture cards in myth to use the new
> names. Part of this edit involved changing the driver type on one of the
> existing card definitions from dvb-t to dvb-s, and of course changing
> the device names on all the entries. This all looked great in
> mythtv-setup 5 capture cards 1 satellite and 4 terrestrial. However I
> had neglected to look at the second page of the card details in the edit
> pages.
> What I had actually ended up with in the database was.
> 2 entries pointing at my mono  DVB-S card set up as parent and child, 2
> entries pointing to tuner 1 on my quad card, 2 entries pointing at tuner
> 2, 1 pointing at tuner 3 and 1 pointing at tuner 4.
> I fixed the crash by setting the concurrent recordings stuff back to 1.
> But I think are more robust fix is needed.

I don't follow the gory details but isn't this because you edited the 
cards in mythtv-setup ?

That's a 'known' issue, although I don't recall seeing a ticket for it.

Edits lead to a corrupted database and standard advice is to always 
"Delete All Cards on All Hosts" and start afresh. Can you still crash it 
that way ?

AFAIK it's never been fixed because;
1. Few people understand that area
2. The UI settings are due to be replaced by the 
origin/devel/mythui/settings at some point. Maybe that will fix edits.
3. mythtv-setup was planned to be replaced by "some other solution" 
years ago...

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