[mythtv] Implementing SAT>IP

Rune Petersen rune at megahurts.dk
Sun Jul 23 23:54:02 UTC 2017

On 23/07/17 14:53, Werner Mahr wrote:
> Hi guys,
> for some time now, I'm working on receiving TV with my satip-router, but now
> I'm lost in getting the right data.
> For now detection of the router works as expected, importing the m3u (I let
> the IPTV-recorder do that) works also, but now it comes to tuning, and that's
> the point I'm stuck.
> I got told by stuarta on IRC, that satip is something like iptv, which was my
> first thought, too. But no I saw that this recorder saves it's m3u-address as
> videodevice in the database. This makes it easy to reuse the
> iptvchannelfetcher for importing the m3u for my satip-router, but tuning in
> satip works a bit different. I have to send a tuning request via rtsp in form:
> rtsp://host:port?src<tuner_no>&freq=.....
"src" is used to control DiSEqC, NOT to select tuner(frontend)
"fe" is used to select tuner(frontend).
> So I have to set the tuner-number (my device has 2), and I have no clue how to
> get that. I know mythtv can use more that one tuner in parallell, but I can't
> find out, how this is managed.
> I first tried to make the 2 tuners separate devices, but without setting the
> videodevice to contain the tuner, I had the same situation as before. After
> setting the videodevice to have the tuner named, I don't know where to save
> the address of the m3u.

FYI the m3u file is not on most Sat>IP server implementations.
For devices that don't have this you will need to scan.
(also the content of the m3u file is not standardized )

> So I want to ask here for some hints, how this should be solved.

Sat>IP is a public standard:


if you have further question about the Sat>IP standard, then I can help.


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