[mythtv] Status of Schedules Direct SD-JSON grabbers

Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Mon Jul 18 19:55:09 UTC 2016

On 07/18/2016 02:32 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> On 07/17/2016 03:25 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> On 07/15/2016 03:00 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> Perhaps it does not work because php5 no longer exists and it has
>> problems with php7.
> You haven't actually shown that php5 does not exist on whatever repo
> you called. I find it a little curious that it would have disappeared.
Since Ubuntu 16.04, php5 is no longer in the default system repository.
Php7.0 is available instead. Mythweb is now working on php7.0, so I
would assume that the grabber should also work with php7.0.
see http://pastebin.com/LsxXzhWx - the results of searching on php5 and
php7 in the 16.04 repository.

> My mythbox is running fedora 22 with php-5.6.23-1
> Myth version is git master :  v29-pre-107-g7b82b7b-dirty
> from late on July 4th.
>> Maybe it does not work with 0.28?
> Pretty damn sure it works with 0.28. It has worked with master since
> about late 2014.
>> This was originally denigrated by the developers as it was directly
>> updating the database.
> That issue was dealt with last September. The devs got a little bent
> out of shape that RK was adding rows to the settings table, and adding
> tables to mythconverg.
> Those items are now split off into a separate database which actually
> is now more efficient. Data is not repeated.
>> If I remember correctly it would add all channels to your database
>> regardless of whether you need them, and I seem to remember would reset
>> all of the priority settings on the channels. I use the priority
>> settings, so that would be no good.
> The JSON service is entirely separate from the DD service, so you have
> to add your lineups again. By default, lineups include all available
> channels. This is the nature of the beast. Selection is done by the
> user. You really should not complain that you have a choice to make.
> If you have any knowledge of SQL you should export the channel table
> to a file, before doing the update, and use it to insert the values
> afterwards. IIRC the two columns of interest are 'visible' and
> 'repriority'
> At the least you should update the revised table to set all channels
> to 'visible=0' and 'recpriority=0' before starting to manually select
> those you want to get.
> OR before running a script to re-insert the data from the file. You
> will likely have to do some cut&paste to create a feed file containing
> lines like:
> update channel set visible="1" and recpriority=2 where callsign="WGRZDT";
> etc.
Since I actually subscribe to less than half the channels available, I
would prefer not to have the extra channels in my system. I suppose it
is not important, I can mark them as invisible. I have had issues
previously with new channels suddenly popping into existence because
they were added to the lineup by comcast.

With xmltv or the old schedules direct, you can select which channels to
include. Those you did not select are never downloaded.

Robert said that the recpriority problem was sorted out. Originally, if
I remember correctly, the recpriority of all channels was reset to zero
on every run of the grabber, which was causing my problems.

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