[mythtv] Testers wanted for DVB EIT rework

roger roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Wed Dec 21 13:30:11 UTC 2016


I really appreciate if anyone could review and test my current rework of 
DVB handlng of EI and SD tables. An archive of the changed files is 
attached to ticket#12932 

This rework fixes the identification of EI and SD sub-tables and adds 
caching of EI sub-tables. The identification now complies with ETSI EN 
300 468 V1.15.1 (2016-03), as below.

    sub_table: collection of sections with the same value of table_id and:
    • for a NIT: the same table_id_extension (network_id) and
    • for a BAT: the same table_id_extension (bouquet_id) and
    • for a SDT: the same table_id_extension (transport_stream_id), the
    same original_network_id and
    • for a EIT: the same table_id_extension (service_id), the same
    transport_stream_id, the same
    original_network_id and version_number.

    NOTE: The table_id_extension field is equivalent to the fourth and
    fifth byte of a section when the
    section_syntax_indicator is set to a value of "1".

The code has only been tested against DVB-T here in the UK. It needs 
testing against other broadcast providers. I have not fully tested the 
changes in the SD table handling. These are only used when scanning for 


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