[mythtv] Expectation of services compatibility .27 to .28?

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 00:47:01 UTC 2016

On 04/05/2016 05:43 PM, BP wrote:
> Before I start writing up a bug, I wanted to ask what the expectation is for compatibility with .28 for third party clients written to use the
> external service api in .27.  I know that it is expected that the frontend and backend are kept in sync.  I thought that the services were meant
> to be more long lived.  Please let me know if that is off base.
> Here's what I'm seeing.
> First, 03c4c94dc6f900cabee1fde4f21c49b941d13940#diff-8f280c0fe6f6352d92240ebe6acec785 looks to have broken /Content/GetRecording (possibly
> others like Delete that I have not tested).  Per www.mythtv.org/wiki/Content_Service#GetRecording , it looks like the intent was to add an
> optional param of RecordedId to simplify requests.  What happens is if I make a request with the legacy format of
> BackendServerIP:6544/Content/GetRecording?ChanId=34736&StartTime=2011-08-29T18:59:00 , the server returns a 500 error.  I can only make the
> request work if RecordedId is passed as the first param.  If it is added as the third, it still returns a 500.  It does not matter if I include
> ChanId and/or StartTime params so long as RecordedId is first (or the only).  This can be tested with wget.
> I successfully reverted that commit to get past the 500 issues.  I still had problems with video not playing, however.  I narrowed that down to
> 7bf6bb1364803931f5975d3a9c396d6dcb2d0a47#diff-c8e615e3ae736a710d8c1bb06fc493bb which changed mime types to work better with all upnp devices.
> The change from video/mpeg to video/mp2p is breaking service clients as well.  Reverting that change restored functionality for me.

 From the command line, for example:

     curl ofc0:6544/Content/GetRecording?ChanId=1501\&StartTime=2016-04-04T23:30:00

works. You can use either RecordedId or the combination of ChanId and StartTime. If
RecordedId is present, then the other two are ignored.

Try doing: mythbackend --serverbose http:debug,upnp:debug
and then sending your request. See what's in the BE logs.

I'll let someone else answer the last paragraph. But is the
video of interest SD or HD (I know HD works for me.)


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