[mythtv] 0.28 backend web server

dennis deg at outlook.com
Fri May 8 17:36:17 UTC 2015

Sorry about cross posting from the mythtv-users group,  but I haven't 
seen any responses there and hoping someone here might be able to help.

I have been testing out the 0.28 features provided through the backend 
web server.

The problem I have is I cannot bookmark a page, similar as with what I 
do with mythweb.   Right now to schedule recordings,  I changed the menu 
in the frontend to launch a browser to mythweb.   I also have my browser 
homepage setup to display the tv listing in mythweb.  I cannot figure 
out how to do this with the new backend web server.

With the 0.28 server, the url always just shows: 
http://{backendip}:6544/# and any bookmarks just take me the starting 
page on the server.

Does anyone know how to bookmark a specific page? Is it even possible?


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