[mythtv] Updating wiki - question

Peter Bennett pgbennett at comcast.net
Thu Jul 16 21:25:37 UTC 2015

On 07/16/2015 12:33 PM, Peter Bennett wrote:
> Backend configuration
> Master Backend
> Delay between wake attempts (secs)
> Wake Attempts
> Wake Command
> My understanding -
> These settings are supposed to supply parameters for frontends to wake
> the backend. Therefore when the frontend starts it should get the
> parameters from the database and populate the config.xml, so that next
> time it starts if the backend is down it can use them to wake it up.
> However it does not work. I removed the .mythtv from my frontend home
> directory. It successfully connected to the backend and created the
> config.xml, but the wakeup settings in config.xml were empty.
> The example for the "Wake command" seems to be incorrect. I believe this
> should be a wake on lan command rather than the example (sudo
> /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart).
> The frontend wakeup of the backend does work if you configure it in the
> frontend setup.
> Am I correct in assuming that the above Master Backend settings do not
> currently work (0.27)? Or am I misunderstanding what they are supposed
> to do?
> Peter
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I think I figured it out - wakeup of the backend may not be the same as
wakeup of the database although in 99% of cases I think it would be.

The frontend tries to access the database. If it cannot it runs the
command from config.xml to wake the database. Then after it has
successfully connected to the database it tries to contact the master
backend. If it cannot then it tries the Backend wakeup command that it
gets from the configuration data in the database.

Where the master backend is on the same server as the database, the
backend wakeup would be unnecessary if the backend is being started when
the server starts up.

I did not test this since I do not have a backend on a separate server
from its database. If I have something wrong here please let me know.


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