[mythtv] FTA Satellite developer wish list

Drew from Zhrodague drewzhrodague at zhrodague.net
Fri Jan 30 17:25:09 UTC 2015

	While not a developer, I've been following along on this list - figured 
I would give my experience with FTA satellite action and MythTV.

	I got a cheap kit from Sadoun.com. I'm in the US. Shortly after setup, 
my motor stopped moving East, so I leave it pointed at Galaxy 19.

	I have two Ku LNBFs - the one with the wider range does not seem to 
work. Perhaps I don't know how to put in the correct values, the 
frequency ranges are called something other than what MythTV calls them. 
The other one I have set using the North America FTA setting - which 
works okay when the weather is good. I believe my dish is aimed a few 
degrees off, and I've had a hard time fine-tuning it.

	I am able to get a picture if I restart mythbackend, fire up the front 
end, and tune. If I let MythTV fetch guide data, I will not be able to 
tune anything afterwards, until I restart.

CentOS 6.5
Nexus-S DVB card
Diseqc USALS
30" dish
generic LNBF
MythTV .26 via atrpms

	I'm happy to provide more information, test stuff, or run beta-code. 
Not able to compile latest MythTV on CentOS - some packages aren't new 
enough to work.

(I am a VERY happy long-time MythTV user)

On 1/30/15 12:06 PM, Andrew wrote:
> Hello:
> 	I'm been trying to set up a FTA satellite PCI card receiver (North
> America)for mythtv. I've encountered a few speed bumps.
> So I've got an "itch". Before I begin to scratch, do the developer(s)
> have a wish list, that might coincide with my "problems"
> Some ideas:
> Change / Check box the frequency, symbol rates from KHz to MHz
> Investigate how the LNB settings work. Specifically dual lnb and the
> switch frequency and rotor settings.
> Implement a signal strength feed back to the rotor settings.
> Possibly add a fine tune motor control to the initial rotor setup.
> Not sure just some ideas.
> 	I've been struggling to get mythtv to receive FTA satellite signals and
> finally got a successful tune last night. But I'm thinking something is
> broke in the setup process.
> 	My hope is to get a FTA motorized C / Ku band receiver working such
> that mythtv would rotate the satellite dish and record programs driven
> by schedules direct.
> Equipment:
> Technisat SkyStar 2 HD pci card
> Dual LNB C / Ku LOF 5150,10750
> Fedora 20/21 x86/x86_64
> DiSEqC 1.2 VBox controller
> 1.8 meter dish with actuator
> combined with OTA pci receiver card(s).
> North American satellites
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