[mythtv] FTA Satellite developer wish list

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Sun Feb 1 13:47:07 UTC 2015


Fundamentally the issue we have is that none of the developers have
any of the hardware required to work on this or be in a position to
test it.

We can help by reviewing code, working with you to understand what
is happening (especially with your wide band LNB), and help to
improve MythTV in this area.

Stuart Auchterlonie

On 30/01/15 17:25, Drew from Zhrodague wrote:
>     While not a developer, I've been following along on this list -
> figured I would give my experience with FTA satellite action and MythTV.
>     I got a cheap kit from Sadoun.com. I'm in the US. Shortly after
> setup, my motor stopped moving East, so I leave it pointed at Galaxy 19.
>     I have two Ku LNBFs - the one with the wider range does not seem to
> work. Perhaps I don't know how to put in the correct values, the
> frequency ranges are called something other than what MythTV calls them.
> The other one I have set using the North America FTA setting - which
> works okay when the weather is good. I believe my dish is aimed a few
> degrees off, and I've had a hard time fine-tuning it.
>     I am able to get a picture if I restart mythbackend, fire up the
> front end, and tune. If I let MythTV fetch guide data, I will not be
> able to tune anything afterwards, until I restart.
> CentOS 6.5
> Nexus-S DVB card
> Diseqc USALS
> 30" dish
> generic LNBF
> MythTV .26 via atrpms
>     I'm happy to provide more information, test stuff, or run beta-code.
> Not able to compile latest MythTV on CentOS - some packages aren't new
> enough to work.
> (I am a VERY happy long-time MythTV user)
> On 1/30/15 12:06 PM, Andrew wrote:
>> Hello:
>>     I'm been trying to set up a FTA satellite PCI card receiver (North
>> America)for mythtv. I've encountered a few speed bumps.
>> So I've got an "itch". Before I begin to scratch, do the developer(s)
>> have a wish list, that might coincide with my "problems"
>> Some ideas:
>> Change / Check box the frequency, symbol rates from KHz to MHz
>> Investigate how the LNB settings work. Specifically dual lnb and the
>> switch frequency and rotor settings.
>> Implement a signal strength feed back to the rotor settings.
>> Possibly add a fine tune motor control to the initial rotor setup.
>> Not sure just some ideas.
>>     I've been struggling to get mythtv to receive FTA satellite
>> signals and
>> finally got a successful tune last night. But I'm thinking something is
>> broke in the setup process.
>>     My hope is to get a FTA motorized C / Ku band receiver working such
>> that mythtv would rotate the satellite dish and record programs driven
>> by schedules direct.
>> Equipment:
>> Technisat SkyStar 2 HD pci card
>> Dual LNB C / Ku LOF 5150,10750
>> Fedora 20/21 x86/x86_64
>> DiSEqC 1.2 VBox controller
>> 1.8 meter dish with actuator
>> combined with OTA pci receiver card(s).
>> North American satellites
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