[mythtv] Mythtranscode HLS/AVF heavily distorted output

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 21:58:22 UTC 2015

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, William Wilhelm <will at wilhelm.com.au> wrote:

> Ever since 0.27 -> 0.28, mythtranscode --avf/--hls has been giving very
> distorted output for transcodings of FTA recordings here in Australia.
> Prebuilt "nightlies" from Mythbuntu and my own weekly builds from master
> both experience this issue. Audio is unaffected.
> All channels are affected except for ABC News 24 and SBS 2.
> To describe heavily distorted more: http://i.imgur.com/hfgrn2i.png.
As all the other channels affected and can you reproduce the problem at all

What conversion profiles are you using?

What command line are you using?
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